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I've had this personal web site going for... jeez, more than 10 years now. I'm pretty sure the impetus for the whole thing was a goofy fantasy basketball league I ran called "The Nibl". That said, I've had a number of long periods of inactivity/disrepair. So be it!

My web site was originally hosted at my dial-up provider, ntsource. I snarfed the williamt.com domain in February of 2000. I did this re-org and started my blog in December 2007.

About me

My name is Bill Krieger. Go:

Site map

Here's the plan:

There's a bunch of old stuff in my archive. It's pretty funny. A lot of the pictures are tiny to save download time over a dialup connection. The design aproach is, um, minimal. He he!

You can search my stuff using the google gadget below:

only search williamt.com

Creating this site

I use Kompozer to edit web pages, and it's free... but it kind of sucks too. It mangles your HTML for some reason, and it doesn't handle CSS very well. I'm typing a lot in WordPad these days. Sigh. You can grab Komposer is at www.kompozer.net

I use and heart Open Source Web Design (OSWD). It's at www.oswd.org. OSWD is a collection of CSS web templates. It's super easy to use and has worked out great for me. Two templates I have used are:

  1. This page is based on "GGGDesign - Simplicity" by the guy at www.gggdesign.com 
  2. The cool sort-of splash page at www.williamt.com is based on "deep" by Chris at www.chrisblunden.co.uk

Thanks you guys for the help!

My site is hosted at www.purehost.com. I really like Purehost; they provide very good, reliable service.  I use filezilla for FTP, which you can download at www.filezilla-project.org.

The blog is from blogger. And I'm happily using gmail these days.

That's a wrap

Thanks for coming. I'd love to hear from you.

thanks... yow, bill (williamt@williamt.com)

Example Quote:

"If it were easy, then everyone would be doing it." - P Wildman
- P Wildman