Update: Jul 2016

I looked at organizing my "old stuff". Bah. It doesn't make sense. It's supposed to be goofy and haphazard.

I used Filezilla to make this nerd list of the folders and files I found hanging around at williamt.com. It makes things a little easier to find. (I think)

Dec 11, 2007

This is my old "index page". It's an archive of old stuff from up to 10 years ago. 

You can read on and check it out, but here are the main pages that are only accessible from the archive here:

Also, just for grins, here's an old index from 2000 (old_index_2000.htm), and one from 2001-ish (old_index_2001.htm).

OK, the rest of this is my old index page.

memories... yow, bill


Well, the site has been down a while. Dop. "What's up?"

First, Felecia's nephew John Sullivan was killed in Iraq on November 15, 2003. There are 3 memorial sites you can visit:

Gram Krieger also passed away on October 5, 2004. You need your head examined.

Geez. On a lighter note...

I found some crappy, old Holly 'n Da comics while digging around in my office. The new "lost episodes" are at the bottom of the page.

I'm having fun teaching part-time at beautiful North Central College... everything from Excel to C++ to logic design. I have a faculty web site there too at william.krieger.faculty.noctrl.edu. Also, I've been archiving my courses in case North Central fires my ass. Just kidding. I mean... just kidding about the firing, not about the course archive.

I run a few fantasy sports leagues. I'm doing real well. Sigh.

I have my old scrapbook still around. I wish I could remember the logic that led me to glomming all my crap into one folder, and it's funny looking at <50KB pictures because it was all created in the 56 Kbaud modem era. Oh, never mind... I'm going to be scanning in some more photos chop chop and posting them soon. Ha... ha... ha.

thanks... yow, bill ( williamt@williamt.com)

PS - Ty's in little league! Click on the card to see Ty's stats on the back. BTW, this isn't Ty's rookie card.