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Here's the Bill75 Birthday party plan:

We hope you can come. Please RSVP by Sunday Feb 15.

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Book Report Island

Gifts are completely, totally optional (unless you have access to a time machine or the fountain of youth, but I digress). If you would like to bring something... How about a new book! Or some book $$$.

The books are for my favorite school, St. Ethelreda School. It's a project to add new books to our library called Book Report Island. Students who check-out new books, write a book report. You can see our efforts from last year's party here: Book Report Island at St Ethelreda

St. Ethelreda is a tiny Catholic elementary school on the south side of Chicago. I have volunteered there for a few (cough) years now. Any donation you make will be matched... book for book, dollar for dollar. It's really a worthwhile cause/adventure! You'll get a nice thank you and receipt for your donation, suitable for your tax accountant.

thanks... yow, bill

Book Report Island readers!
Book Report Island readers at St. Ethelreda School