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posted by williamt on Thursday, April 08, 2010 and has 0 comments


My blog is moving

1. To express disapproval of; deplore.
2. To belittle; depreciate.
3. Computer Science To mark (a component of a software standard) as obsolete to warn against its use in the future so that it may be phased out.
Howdy neighbor,

Well, my blog is moving. Soon...
Here's Google's explanation: Deprecating FTP
And this is supposed to be fairly transparent and auto-magic.
We shall see.

"Deprecate" is a fave word among nerds.
We use it when we're getting rid of the "old way" of doing something in favor of a new, improved way. There are typically two reasons for this: 1) the old way is getting creaky and obsolete in view of new technology, or 2) the old way always kind of sucked in the first place. For example, Intel decided to never deprecated their old X86 architecture, choosing instead to contort around, over and through the old X86 technology. Apple has generally decided to ditch old architectures in favor of new in both hardware and software.

It's always a tough nerd decision. Change is uncomfortable. Being deprecated makes users cranky. He he.

Well, Google (the owner of blogger) is deprecating the use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) in blogs. Don't laugh, but FTP is almost as old as me! It makes Google cranky to have to support it. I originally chose to use FTP for two reasons: 1) I liked my old URL, and 2) I wanted my blog files to exist on my ISP server rather than over at Google.

So, I'm a user being deprecated. I'm not cranky as much as wary.
I hope this works.
Google's "Migration Tool" is supposed to copy my (2 1/2 year old, 400+ post) blog over to their servers and my new URL. It's also supposed to (gulp) put forwarding tags in the HTML of these old files pointing your browser to the new location. (gulp gulp)

I'll probably try my migration later today.

My last bikini shot... pre-deprecation... google "ftp bikini" leads you to Bridget Bardot.

So, it's not all bad. He he.
And I heart blogger. So there.
peace... yow, bill

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posted by williamt on Thursday, April 08, 2010 and has 0 comments


Hunger Games 2

With 3.6 seconds left and just a 2 point lead, Coach K told his player to intentionally miss a free throw. Pretty unorthodox strategy, and it almost cost Duke as the Butler guy narrowly missed a half court shot.

So, why not just make the free throw, go up by 3... then the worse you get is overtime.


"I think we lose in overtime."
- Dike Coach K on his decision v. Butler to miss their last free throw on purpose
Gutsy call. I like it.

Book: "Catching Fire" by Suzanne Collins
Review: 3 bill-stars (out of 5)... barely just OK

This is "Hunger Games 2".
More light teeny-bopper reading. This one barely made the cut because of two really aggravating things:
  1. We traipse back to the same "Hunger Games" plot of kids fighting each other
  2. We get the bogus "to be continued" ending. That's tough to pull off well, and it does not work here.
I'm cranky, but I went with 3 stars because I liked the first half of the book, and I will probably snarf the finale when it comes out. The last of the series is "Mockingjay" and comes out in August ("Mockingjay" on Amazon).
mocking book... yow, bill

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Chicago news

Who comes up with this stuff?
God bless 'em... makin' a buck, baby!

Bizarre Souvenirs

For the record, we looked, but did not buy. That D-Rose is creepy. He he.

1. Buerhle Highlight
Mark Buerhle's incredible play of the year on opening day: Yahoo video, MLB video

"That one's going to be on highlight reels all year long."
- Steve Stone
2. Chicago Cameras
Truly sad state of affairs as our society comes under more and more surveillance.

Cameras make Chicago most closely watched US city

And nobody gives a hoot.

"[Chicago] could put 10,000 more cameras up and nobody would say anything."
- Paul Green, Roosevelt University
3. $2M Coach at DePaul
DePaul hires a new basketball coach:

Oliver Purnell bolts Clemson to take coaching job at DePaul

How does DePaul University justify paying a basketball coach $2M. They must run the numbers, right? I just can't get my head around it. They shouldn't even be in the Big East.
chicago rules... yow, bill

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posted by williamt on Tuesday, April 06, 2010 and has 0 comments


A cause to believe in

Finally, a cause we can all support: Topless Women March in Portland

"I'm really upset by the men… all the men that are here, just like watching it like it's a parade."
- topless march organizer
The march was legal in Portland, ME because they only have laws against exposed genitals, not, um, torsos.

This is a fer-pay WSJ story, but a good one: What's the Next Global Warming
The author chronicles the cracks in global warming across the globe:
  • French best seller "L'imposture climatique" rip global warming
  • Leftie German magazine "Der Spiegel" had a 15 page feature on "scientists who want to be politicians"
  • Leading British environmentalist James Lovelock says the planet "will save itself, as it always as done"
  • US poll has global warming as the 6th ranked out of the top 10 environmental worries
  • In a different article, CA voters will challenge the state's goofy cap-n-trade regulations in the election this Fall.
Global warming as religion... the author compares Al Gore's carbon credits scheme ("It's how Al Gore justifies his utility bills") to a Catholic penance.
Good news all.

And finally some real SCIENCE!
Give a bunch of college kids some beers, and their test scores are fine the next morning.

Test-Takers Shrug Off the Effects of Alcohol

I could-a told you that.
he he... yow, bill

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