Christmas 2015  

Hey now... Merry Christmas!

This is my version of a Christmas letter, pretty much.

it's a wonderful life... yow, bill

Christmas cards this year

I visited Holly and Ed (and Konrad) in Boston this Thanksgiving. (yes, just last month) I went with Mozy and Elaine. Excellent!

I bought this year's Christmas cards during my visit. They're from the gift shop at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The Boston MFA is one of my all-time favorite museums. They have amazing exhibits, of course. But the museum stands out because they pay extra attention to explain their art. Next to each piece, an index card describes some cool info or fun facts about what you're looking at. Boston MFA = 5 bill-stars! (yelp me)

Your e-card

If I sent you here for an e-card, then huzzah! Your e-card is from the Boston MFA, too. The artsy cards (below) are: 1) Woman In Blue Dress Decorating a Christmas Tree, 2) Christmas Tree and Deer, and 3) Trees in Winter.

Pick one and rejoice!

Card 1 - Woman in blue dress Card 2 - Christmas tree and deer Card 3 - Trees in winter

Christmas cards 35 years ago

35 years ago, I sent out my first Christmas cards. (yikes)

It was freshman year at Illinois for the men of Lundgren 222 (left to right): Servy, Rog, me, and Tommy. In this pic, we're at the U of I exit off of I-74, I think.

Lundgren 222 Christmas card from 1980

Man, that fun, goofy card has withstood the test of time. It was a great idea then. It's a wonderful memory now.

This year's Christmas photos

Here's my flickr album of Christmas 2015 photos. As I type this now, there's only one pic in there: our empty Christmas tree. This will soon change.

First flikr pic

Top 10 Photos of 2015

Finally, here are my ten favorite pics from 2015... in chronological order, pretty much. Ahoy!

Feb - American Gothic 2015
Bill75 party
We had a wild, snowy winter
Good workout, eh
Feb - Bill75 party
Bill75 party
Moz is 75 and going strong
Nice photobomb, TY (ha!)
Mar - NYNY jazz trip
TY NYNY jazz trip
TY's high school jazz band played in a NYNY jazz club!
If he can make it there...
Groupies: Hol, Ed, Brad, Bobbie, Felecia and me
Jul - Marriage license
Holly n Ed get their marriage license
Holly and Ed get their marriage license
They seem pretty happy about it (ha)
Aug - Wedding dance
Wedding dance with Holly
Holly and Ed get married on 8/8... very happy!
Father-daughter dance with my favorite, Dr. Holly
Aug - TY Junior
TY first day of school
Seeing the boys off to the 1st day of a new school year
TY is a junior in high school. Konrad is a canine.
Fun foto of 2015 - Weener on parade
Weener on parade
Fun foto OTY - weener at the Labor Day parade
The kids looking at him... what the heck? (he he)
Sep - Detroit selfie
Detroit selfie
Ty and I went to Detroit for our baseball trip this year
That's 23 ballparks down... 7 more to go!
Oct - Marching Band
TY in marching band
TY really enjoyed marching band again this year.
The show was very good!
Nov - Sparky selfie
Sparky selfie
Sparky-sitting: watching Felecia's new puppy while she's on vacation
Nov - Bost-giving
Thanksgiving in Boston
Thanksgiving in Boston with The Thomsons
We had turkey dinner here at The Beehive
Art Shot of 2015 - Macro Dandy
Art shot - Macro Dandy
Dandelion with the macro setting and the flash
(and some luck)

Well, that was fun.

I hope 2016 is your best year ever. (since you made it all the way to the end here and all, huzzah!)

thanks... yow, bill

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PPS - Dang. I like this one but forgot it... TY is a driver now.

TY driving
TY driving
TY driving on I-55 en route to a July 4 party in Minooka
Just kismet... Mozy drove right up to us on the way.
His eyes got BIG when he saw TY at the wheel. Ha!