Christmas 2016    

Thanks for visiting... Merry Christmas!

My theme this year is the 12 pictures of Christmas. (creative genius, I know... ha!)

it's a wonderful life... yow, bill

The 12 Pics of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 12 pictures?

1 Dec 2015 — TY jazz man
TY jazz solo at Frankies
TY jazz solo at Frankie's
He burnt that place to the ground, baby!
2 Jan 2016 — Tampa vacay
Tampa vacay with Aunt Jan
Sun and fun (and drinks)
with my favorite person, Aunt Jan
3 Feb — Birthday fun
Frona birthday present
Birthday present from THE Frona -
a framed pic of me being a goof (he he!)
4 Apr — TY Tesla prom
TY Tesla prom
TY took a date and a Tesla to prom
5 May — Mem Day parade
TY Mem Day marching band
TY marching in the Memorial Day parade
6 Aug — Naperville Sprint Tri
Bill in the Sprint Tri
I did my first Sprint Triathlon this year
Very. Slowly. (dop) Next year!
7 Aug — Baseball trip
TY-Da-Pa baseball trip
Colorado baseball trip. Our 24th ballpark.
TY-Da-Pa. Tres amigos!
8 Aug — First ballgame selfie
Sister C's first ballgame
First ballgame ever for my friend, Sister C
Fun in the White Sock bleachers with Holly n Ed
9 Sep — Sparky attack! selfie
Sparky attack!
Great action selfie. Good one, Hol! (and Spark)

10 Oct — Senior pics
TY senior pic
TY official senior pics
Rico. Suave.
11 Oct — Marching solo
TY marching band solo
TY solo started the marching band show this year
Central High made the finals at ISU!
12 Me n the tulips
Me n the Tulips
Lucky Da!
Shortly after this photo, Dr. Holly packed her bags and moved to the UK (with Ed and Kon). She's now a professor at Cambridge U, where she researches and teaches maths. I'll tell ya... it's a sweet deal when your daughter is also the most remarkable young lady you know. Cuts out the middle man, ya know. (ha)

Well, that's a wrap. If, for some reason, you have a hankerin' to see about 10,000 williamt pictures (ack!), here's my flickr account:

I say huzzah to 2016, a great year!

And I predict... 2017 will be even better for you and your family.

peace... yow, bill

PS - Bonus videos. Oh my!

Bonus Video Section

Must admit - I'm not much of a video guy. But TY is a good little sax player, so here are some optional bonus videos for you. TY is a jazz man. He listens and plays and reads and practices and does pretty much anything jazz. It's great to see that passion in a young guy.

In no particular order... except the best (and shortest) video is last.

TY and Sparky practice