Christmas 2017    

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Merry Christmas!

It's a wonderful life.

thanks... yow, bill

Your Christmas e-Card

I got my "real" Christmas cards this year from the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge UK, The Fitzwilliam is a fantastic combination of artwork and history. It's eclectic and cool. I was in Cambridge visiting two of my favorites, Dr. Holly and Ed. (Konrad too!)

These e-cards are online versions of the ones I sent out for real. So click on one you like for some holiday fun (and a bigger picture). And Merry Christmas!



My 10 Fave Pics of 2017

I think these are close to chronological order. I think. (shrug)

The Frona's 85th birthday party
Frona85 birthday party
All hail THE Frona!
Sparky Surgery
Sparky surgery
Sparky had emergency surgery in Jan 2017
Mr. Magoo ate something that got stuck in his gut (dop!)
He's all good now. ☺
TY Jazz in LA
TY jazz in La La Land
TY jazz trip to LA in March
Man, that TY can play some jazz!
TY18. With the P's!
TY18 birthday party. With the P's.
TY Graduation
TY high school graduation
TY high school graduation
Yeah — I'm pretty gol dang happy here. (ha!)
Baseball trip
Van E, TY, and me at the ballgame
The baseball trip this year was to Philly
In attendance: Van E Morgan of Synopsys lore (yow!)
TY goes to college
TY goes to Trinity
TY is now attending Trinity U in San Antonio, TX
Here, he's in the freshman convocation parade
Cambridge UK
Selfie with Hol in Cambridge
Selfie with Dr. Holly in Cambridge UK
Got to visit Holly and Ed for a week in Sep... lovely
Driving with Sparky
Driving with Sparky
Sparky loves to drive
Me and the tulips (smile)
Fave pic of 2017
Me and the tulips (smile)

If you want more (cough), my Christmas 2017 photo album is here:

Merry Christmas. And a happy New Year.

it's a wonderful life... yow, bill

PS - Young people don't want crappy photos. They demand video.
Alrighty then, I say — So be it!
Here's a video from the Philly Zoo in August... a hippo going for an afternoon swim.

Hippo swimming video
Hippo swimming video