Week 25
Sep 20 - Oct 3

  Hilo Storm vs. LaGrange G-Spots
Hilo Storm631866818039655.311.495
LaGrange G-Spots5611535184621274.101.375
Hilo Storm (94-98-18)
CJ. Varitek (Bos - C)516217
1BT. Helton (Col - 1B) 10211033
2BJ. Kent (Hou - 2B) 1059130
3BV. Castilla (Col - 3B)325016
SSR. Furcal (Atl - SS)60248
OFJ. Dye (Oak - RF) 437118
OFG. Sheffield (NYY - RF,DH) 615011
OFC. Patterson (ChC - CF)516017
UtilD. Ortiz (Bos - 1B,DH) 10313027
BNJ. GuillénNA (Ana - LF,RF) 30103
BNP. Nevin (SD - 1B,RF) 10100
LaGrange G-Spots (90-101-19)
CJ. Posada (NYY - C)218016
1BM. Teixeira (Tex - 1B,3B)516020
2BM. Loretta (SD - 2B)613016
3BH. Blalock (Tex - 3B)1115025
SSD. Jeter (NYY - SS)514120
OFS. Sosa (ChC - RF) 426018
OFM. Mora (Bal - 3B,LF) 1026129
OFB. Giles (SD - LF,CF,RF)602117
UtilJ. Damon (Bos - CF) 7212219
BNC. Crawford (TB - LF,CF) 00104
SPC. Pavano (Fla - SP) 00104.151.15
SPR. Drese (Tex - SP) 10612.002.42
RPA. Benítez (Fla - RP) 0423.381.31
RPJ. Smoltz (Atl - RP)0589.531.94
PJ. Suppan (StL - SP) 1095.521.36
BND. Davis (Mil - SP) 10151.381.38
BNJa. Wright (Atl - SP,RP) 0092.160.96
BNM. Mussina (NYY - SP)0064.501.33
SPB. Sheets (Mil - SP) 10271.641.23
SPC. Zambrano (ChC - SP)20192.791.34
RPO. Dotel (Oak - RP) 2096.751.31
RPJ. Nathan (Min - RP)0181.690.38
BNL. Hernández (Mon - SP)10141.591.18
BNB. Wagner (Phi - RP)0140.001.00
BNK. Wood (ChC - SP) 00174.711.38
BND. Willis (Fla - SP)00145.401.45
BNA. Eaton (SD - SP)0056.001.33
--B. Zito (Oak - SP) 0097.711.71
--B. Lawrence (SD - SP)00116.203.60
Recap - Oct 4, 2004

They danced in the streets of LaGrange as the G-Spots outlasted the Storm, winning the first ever LetPlay2 championship title. This 2 week title match didn't feature the best fantasy baseball ever played with high ERA's and low bopping totals, but it was exciting. It was the Spot pitching and the Storm hitting that dominated for most of the 2 weeks. Hilo sluggers Helton, Kent and Ortiz had awesome playoffs runs. They were countered by K-happy LaGrange starters Sheets, Zambrano, and Livan Hernandez.

On the last day of play, Sunday, the question came down to total bases. With many MLB playoff teams resting their stars, the Spot managed only 8 TB's on Sunday, but it was enough to earn the win. With a 5-5 category tie, The G-Spots win the title based on the first tiebreaker, team ERA.

The LaGrange G-Spots and their newbie taskmaster Jerry Kee turn a 6th place finish in the regular season and the final playoff spot into fantasy baseball gold. Congrats to the Spot!

thanks... yow, bill