LetsPlay2 2005 Draft Results

The 2005 league draft was held on March 26, 2005.

Prior to the draft, we voted on the following items:
  • 4 playoff teams this year
  • Payout: $300 to the winner, $100 for 2nd place
  • 2 Disable List (DL) spots
  • 25 moves during the year
  • Straight draft order, rather than the usual wrap-around

Some conspicuous highlights:
  • Toe Denise constantly admiring and stroking G-man Jerry Kee's trophy throughout the draft.
  • It will be interesting over the course of the season to gauge the draft quality of the 2 camps in the league: the Icehouse drinkers and the Guinness guzzlers.
  • Cudos to Ian Tucker selecting for Stormy Steve, who provided the ultimate in fantasy tardiness excuses: his house burnt down. Thanks Ian!
  • Of course, welcome to our only newbie this year, Eric Schoonover. Eric, owner of the nascent Vatican City Popes, fit right in with the group by proclaiming his player drafting skills "infallible."
  • After the draft, the Illini overcome a 15 point deficit in the final 4 minutes to beat Arizona and head to the Final Four.
enjoy... yow, bill

Rnd whitesharks Vatican City Popes Gotham City Golems coocheyville
Ukraine Pelicans Naperville MagicCups Hilo Storm LG Spots
1 Á. Rodríguez A. Pujols V. Guerrero C. Beltrán M. Tejada R. Johnson A. Béltre E. Gagne
2 B. Abreu A. Soriano M. Ramírez J. Santana T. Helton C. Crawford J. Damon J. López
3 D. Lee I. Suzuki S. Rolen I. Rodríguez A. Ramírez J. Schmidt C. Zambrano N. Garciaparra
4 D. Jeter M. Cabrera D. Ortiz M. Rivera G. Sheffield P. Martínez C. Schilling A. Huff
5 B. Sheets T. Hudson R. Oswalt M. Teixeira C. Patterson B. Lidge B. Colón J. Pierre
6 M. Clement V. Martínez J. Peavy M. Young J. Edmonds M. Prior H. Matsui J. Smoltz
7 M. Giles E. Chávez K. Wood M. Mora J. Thome H. Blalock A. Dunn J. Reyes
8 J. Varitek Fr. Rodríguez A. Benítez J. Kent J. Posada S. Podsednik D. Graves Ol. Pérez
9 F. Cordero R. Halladay S. Green C. Lee K. Foulke J. Kendall J. Rollins R. Sexson
10 M. Alou R. Furcal É. Rentería C. Delgado O. Dotel B. Bonds A. Leiter R. Clemens
11 J. Bay J. Nathan T. Hoffman C. Pavano C. Figgins B. Wagner J. Drew L. Hernández
12 J. Isringhausen M. Mussina S. Sosa C. Jones D. Kolb B. Roberts M. Lieberthal V. Wells
13 A. Burnett J. Vidro J. Estrada M. Mulder J. Beckett G. Mota M. Loretta B. Looper
14 B. Wilkerson T. Hunter M. Buehrle T. Percival B. Zito D. Roberts J. Mesa R. Ibañez
15 L. Hawkins M. Lowell M. Ordóñez G. Anderson R. Harden J. Vázquez J. Burnitz A. Boone
16 L. Overbay G. Maddux T. Hafner C. Guillén C. Carpenter D. Eckstein V. Castilla P. Lo Duca
17 P. Konerko R. Hidalgo J. Uribe M. Piazza L. Berkman M. Lawton M. Cameron M. Cuddyer
18 P. Feliz K. Brown K. Escobar A. Rowand F. García S. Casey K. Matsui A. Pettitte
19 D. Wright O. Cabrera R. Belliard L. Castillo J. Guillén B. Penny J. Bagwell K. Greene