LetsPlay3 2007 Playoffs

All the goodness of the Craptember playoffs is right here, sports fans. 

This page is necessary because we don't use Yahoo's playoff system. They go right to the end of the regular season, which is a bust. They've figured out that this is "not good" in football, but there isn't an option at Yahoo to move up the playoffs in baseball yet. Hence, this page.


Popes Win 2007 Crown!

Vatican City left no doubt in the minds of LP3 fans as to the dominance of this elite team, snarfing the 2007 title in a 7-3 thrashing of long-time nemesis, the Naperville CLAW. So, learn it, live it, love it:

2007 LetsPlay3 Champion

Vatican City Popes

Owner: Eric Schoonover

The Popes won in convincing fashion, taking all 5 hitting categories. The Vatican's hitting numbers in all 5 categories were near all-time LP3 record highs. Vatican wanted to leave no doubt in this contest, and the Poap sluggers did not.

Vatican City owner Eric Schoonover has already petitioned the league to skip next year's draft and allow him to carry this squad over to the 2008 season. With 4-5 first round draft picks on the team, it is unlikely that the league will approve this move.

Congrats to Eric and the Poaps! Let the looting and car-tilting in Vatican City begin. Burn, baby, burn!

thanks... yow, bill


For all the bananas...

Vatican City Popes 7,


Naperville Claws 3

[ boxscore ]


The Popes come in heavily-favored, and Vegas money is expecting the Vatican to have no problem with the reigning champ, Naperville. Most sportsbooks have the Pope over 6.5 categories, with the Golden Nugget even offering a 7.0 line. Yow!

The first round results have influenced the betting as the Popes roared through their first-round matchup with a 9-1 trouncing of the upstart Hilltoppers. The Claws, meanwhile, limped past Kelly Green... winning 5-5 on the ERA tiebreaker.

The Naperville-Vatican rivalry is a storied one with a long history. The two teams are bitter rivals. Naperville has bounced the Popes from the playoffs in the last two years, and Vatican City would dearly love to avenge these playoff losses. The Claws savor the chance to become the first repeat champion in LP3 history.

Stay tuned. It's go time.

so, go then... yow, bill

Round One

The first round match-ups are:

  • Vatican City Popes 9, Hilltoppers 1 [ boxscore ]
  • Naperville Claws 5, Kelly Green Guys 5 [ boxscore ]

Clearly, the playoffs are a showcase for the power of Vatican City. He has waited for this moment. The Poap's brooding menage of all-stars has been waiting for these two weeks. This first-round matchup, though, is intriguing. Newbie HillTopper would shock the world, Appalachian State style, if he could pull out a playoff victory and beat the dreaded Poap.

The CLAW, KGG matchup is less interesting. Two wannabe teams vying to advance to their inevitable cleansing by the Poap. Yawn. I guess the pitching will be the key as Naperville and Kelly Green rank #1 and #2 in pitching, respectively, this year.

The final playoff angle is good versus evil. The evil represented by the merciless Poap and blowhard CLAW are pitted against the forces of good (or at least whiter, straighter teeth) in the HillTopper and Kelly Green.

It's go time.

run... yow, bill