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Zee Playoffs

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Playoff summary

Sep 10 2012

The Quarters

The top teams, #1 CryoTed and #2 Poap, enjoyed their bye weeks while the #3 through #6 playoff seeds battled to the (fantasy) death. The quarterfinal matchups are:

  • #6 The Hills Have RBI @ #3 Naperville Rebellion

  • #5 Ventura @ #4 Bay City Brawler

Naperville Rebellion 7, The Hills Have RBI 2

Yahoo boxscore

The Hills struggled through injury and a lack of moves to respond, but the contest was much closer than the score indicated. With a 5 home run Sunday, The Hills nearly caught the heavily-favored Rebellion in many bopping categories. The Rebellion were anchored by their double Oriole attack of Mark Reynolds and Adam Jones. The two combined for 8 home runs and 44 total bases on the week. The Rebellion advance to face their long-time rival, The Poap.

Ventura 7, Bay City Brawler 3

Yahoo boxscore

This was a heated contest. The Ventura took an early lead and then held on for dear life. The Brawler made a series of pitching moves at the end of the week, largely successful, but the Ventura lead was too large. Ventura stars included G Stanton with 4 homer, 22 tb and uber-rookie Bryce Harper with 3 homer, 21 tb.

Sep 17, 2012

The Semis

The semifinal matchups are:

  • #5 Ventura @ #1 Cryogenic Ted

  • #3 Naperville Rebellion @ #2 Vatican City Poap

We had one barn-burner and one blowout... on our way to the title game. Go!

Naperville Rebellion 5, Vatican City Poap 4

Yahoo boxscore

All season long, Vatican City featured elite starting pitching, including Cy Young candidates King Felix, Gio Gonzalez, and R.A. Dickey. Yet in the semifinals, the Rebellion pitching stole the show (and the series) and led Naperville to the finals. Hitting on both sides was moribund. A Saturday night Hunter Pence grand slam provided the winning margin in RBI for the upset-minded Rebellion.

Cryogenic Ted 8, Ventura 2

Yahoo boxscore

A difficult quarterfinal battle, injuries, and a dearth of moves combined to slow the Ventura in the semifinals. The team seemed to run out of gas against the #1 seeded (and heavily favored) Cryogenic Ted. Indeed, the CryoTed flexed their muscles as the only team to do any hitting whatsoever this week in the playoffs. This was a statement win by the Frozen Head, and that statement is: "The 2012 title will be mine". The CryoTed will be heavily favored in the Championship round next week.

Sep 24, 2012

The Championship

And the 2012 LetsPlay3 Champion is (drum roll)...

2012 LetsPlay3 Champion

Naperville Rebellion

Bill Krieger

Here's all the Championship round action...

Naperville Rebellion 7, Cryogenic Ted 2

Yahoo boxscore

The Rebellion took an early lead and then held on for dear life... and the title. Naperville was paced by slugger Ryan Howard who tallied 4 home runs in consecutive days. Adam Jones also pitched in 9 runs and 18 total bases for the week. The Ted were led by closer Jason Motte who had an astounding 5 saves in 6 games during the week. The Frozen Head, however, was disappointed by their biggest sluggers, A Pujols and A Dunn, neither who had a home run.

Well, huzzah to another great season.


thanks... yow, bill