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Draft results!

Mar 2012

Excellent draft! Thanks to one and all.

As is our custom, we all bowed low to last year's champs, the KGG. Here Chris the Commish receives his LetsPlay3 trophy from the LP3 Commish. Huzzah!

KGG win!


Kgg win!

Some draft stats:

  • We had 4 newbies: Ventura Kyle, Tomahawk Jeff, Rebel Ryan, and Jacksonville Tom

  • We had 3 kids: Nugget Ty, FRENCH FRY Myles, and Mini-Justin

  • We had 1 girl: Brawler Janny

  • We had 4 in ansentia drafters: Mini-Justin (list), Killer Maltese (phone), Rebel Ry (text), Brawler Janny (phone)

  • We have 5 incredibly crusty old veterans: Cryo-Jay, The Poap, Rob, Chris the Commish and Naperville Bill 

  • We did a straight draft for the first time this year. I thought it went great.

  • Mister Irrelevant, the 252nd player taken, was Aaron Hill of the AZ D-Back


Enough already... draft results are here:

Play ball!!!

yow, bill


First post: Play Ball!

Mar 2012

Quickie... add your team to Yahoo. 

The draft will be Saturday March 24 @3:00.

It looks like 14 teams this season. Woot!

The current draft order is:

  1. Cryogenic Ted (Jay)
  2. Mini-Commish (Justin)
  3. FRENCH FRY (Myles)
  4. NuggetBiscuit (Ty)
  5. Vatican City Poap (Eric)
  6. Killer Maltese (Brad)
  7. Vaunted Ventura (Kyle)
  8. Tomahawk Chop (Jeff)
  9. Ry's Rebel (Ryan)
  10. Jax Sun (Tom)
  11. The Hills (Rob)
  12. The Brawler (Janny)
  13. Naperville Rebellion (Bill)
  14. KGG 2012 (Chris Commish)

Remember boys and girl... no snake draft this year. It's a straight draft going from 1-12 each round.

yow, bill


Apr 2012

We used this cool message widget from www.coveritlive.com during the draft.

I'm just archiving it, so that we can do something like this next year as well.

The 2012 draft will happen in the 21st century... right here!