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The Draft

Draft day!

Sunday Mar 30, 2014
At Castle BillSkull
From 1:00pm to 4-ish

I assume that we'll setup a chatzy for our out-of-town drafter. Stay tuned.

Here's the current draft order:

  1. Plano, Angeero
  2. Brawler, Janny
  3. Jag, Tommy
  4. Lazy Robot, TY
  5. CryoTed, Jay
  6. The Freak, Mark (newbie)
  7. The Nice Team, Nick (newbie)
  8. Ryan's Team, Ryan (newbie)
  9. Vatican City, The Poap
  10. The Hills, Rob
  11. Killer Maltese, Brad
  12. Flying Penguin, Nick
  13. KGG, Commish
  14. Naperville, Bill

14 teams. Houston we are good to go. Call the ball!

oh pick me... yow, bill