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Draft Results

Great draft. We went 18 rounds at The Castle and left the final 2 rounds for the following week.

First and foremost, thanks to Eric for being the draft Secretary again this year. The Poap's perfect Catholic-school-bred penmanship serves the league well. Ha!

Here are rounds 1-18 from The Poap. Click on each icon to read it.

Rounds 1-4 Rounds 5-8 Rounds 9-12
Rounds 13-16 Rounds 1-18

Our draft was a potpourri:

OK, here's the official Yahoo draft results:

Rounds 1-3 Rounds 4-6 Rounds 7-9
Rounds 10-12 Rounds 13-15 Rounds 16-18

Best luck to everyone this season.

Play ball!

thanks... yow, bill