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Season stats

This page holds the extra stats that I collect every week during the regular season. I'm the only one goofy enough to look at this page, so that takes the pressure off. Ha!

Raw data

First off, here's the raw data. I snag the Yahoo scoring summaries of all the games for each week. Copy, paste. Copy-paste.


Weekly stats

Stats in this table are updated weekly. The explanation of all this is below the table.

Week Standings Averages NIPR Heat map
1 week01_stand.pdf week01_ave.pdf week01_nipr.pdf n/a
2 week02_stand.pdf week02_ave.pdf week02_nipr.pdf
3 week03_stand.pdf week03_ave.pdf week03_nipr.pdf
4 week04_stand.pdf week04_ave.pdf week04_nipr.pdf
5 week05_stand.pdf week05_ave.pdf week05_nipr.pdf
6 week06_stand.pdf week06_ave.pdf week06_nipr.pdf
7 week07_stand.pdf week07_ave.pdf week07_nipr.pdf
8 week08_stand.pdf week08_ave.pdf week08_nipr.pdf week08_heat.pdf
9 week09_stand.pdf week09_ave.pdf week09_nipr.pdf week09_heat.pdf
10 week10_stand.pdf week10_ave.pdf week10_nipr.pdf week10_heat.pdf
11 week11_stand.pdf week11_ave.pdf week11_nipr.pdf week11_heat.pdf
12 week12_stand.pdf week12_ave.pdf week12_nipr.pdf week12_heat.pdf
13 week13_stand.pdf week13_ave.pdf week13_nipr.pdf week13_heat.pdf
14 week14_stand.pdf week14_ave.pdf week14_nipr.pdf week14_heat.pdf
15 week15_stand.pdf week15_ave.pdf week15_nipr.pdf week15_heat.pdf
16 week16_stand.pdf week16_ave.pdf week16_nipr.pdf week16_heat.pdf
17 week17_stand.pdf week17_ave.pdf week17_nipr.pdf week17_heat.pdf
18 week18_stand.pdf week18_ave.pdf week18_nipr.pdf week18_heat.pdf
19 week19_stand.pdf week19_ave.pdf week19_nipr.pdf week19_heat.pdf
20 week20_stand.pdf week20_ave.pdf week20_nipr.pdf week20_heat.pdf


In most of the stat files, really good or best performance is colored red hot. Bad, or league-worst, stats are colored ice cold.

Each column in the stats table above:

Nerdy fun!

thanks... yow, bill