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All-Star Team

The LP3 All-Star team is comprised of the guys with the highest Yahoo-rank at each position. Hey now!

2014 LP3 All-Star Team
Pos Player Yahoo Rank Team
C J Lucroy (mil) 71 Bay City Brawler
1B Goldy (ari) 10 Jax Sun
2B J Altuve (hou) 15 Lazy Robot
3B E5 (tor) 13 Lazy Robot
SS Tulo (col) 6 Bayside Tiger
OF Mike Trout (laa) 1 Plano Tiburon
OF McCutch (pit) 5 Lazy Robot
OF N Cruz (bal) 8 Lazy Robot
DH M Brantley (cle) 9 Bay City Brawler
SP King Felix (sea) 2 Lazy Robot
SP A Wainwright (stl) 3 Bay City Brawler
RP Koji Urethra (bos) 41 Plainfield Shutout
RP D Betances (nyy) 49 Killer Maltese
P Johnny Cueto (cin) 4 Vatican City Poap

All-Star Blather

OK. Well. The 2014 All-Star team is a pretty motley crew (crue?). But one thing went according to plan. Congrats to Plano on his #1 pick of the draft being the #1 player at the break.

All-Star Break MVP
Mike Trout of Plano Tiburon

6 of the 14 All-Stars were drafted in the first 2 rounds. All-Star DH Michael Brantley was selected in the last (18th) round of the draft by Bay City. Nice. Catch. By The Brawler.

The weirdest All-Star is RP Dellin Betances, or as his friends and family call him, "Fred". Betances is the only un-drafted All-Star. He was grabbed off the scrap heap by the Killer Maltese in mid-May. He's a RP, but he's not even a closer. His 4 vulture wins and boffo peripheral numbers (84K, 1.46 era, 0.70 whip) are so good, that saves didn't matter.

That said, the All-Star team belongs to the Lazy Robot. 5 Bot stars appear on the first team.


Now, think about that for a second. We have 14 teams in our league and 14 slots on the All-Star team. So, one team snarfing 5 of the top spots is some pretty nifty out-performance.

The Lazy Robot's first 4 draft picks are All-Stars. Of course, TY slowed down after that. In rounds 5-8 the Bot selected: J Donaldson, D Price, Aroldis, and Add Reed. Yow!

Interestingly, the Flying Penguin lead the league with 4 2nd team All-Stars. Speaking of...

Here's the LetsPlay3 All-Star 2nd Team:

Scott Kazmir is a tasty round 18 pick by the Killer Maltese. Undrafted stars on the 2nd team are: Mesoraco, Dee Gordon, C Blackmon, and K-Rod.

Two teams were shutout of the All-Star hoopla: KGG and The RBI. KGG's top player is B Moss (oak) at #43. The RBI are led by Sexy Lexy (sox) at #76. Of course, there's one big difference between the two teams. The KGG are currently a playoff team, and the RBI are in dead last.

On to the second half!

thanks... yow, bill

PS - I miss you, Jose Fernandez! He's an All-Star pitcher and personality. Sigh. Stupid Tommy John.