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The End

Well, that was fun.

I'm talking about slapping the website together, not the season. That's a-coming.

The End, for real

Sep 22, 2014

Well, first things first. Ahhhh...


I am certainly digging the threepeat, but it was an odd year. Especially the playoffs. Team performances during the playoffs were just average or below average. And for the first time in quite a while, I didn't think I had the best team, or at least close to best. I thought that there were two teams better than mine.

  1. The Lazy Robot were (pretty much) better than the Lunchbox at every bopping position, especially after my injuries. I definitely had pitching depth, but if the Robot had hit his average 10 home runs in The Finals, then I would have been toast.
  2. With injuries and trades and drops, Naperville had a whole lineup of sluggers that rocked. I think this ex-Naperville team, lead by NotMike Stanton and Gay-Rich, probably would beat the actual Naperville Lunchbox on most weeks.

LP3 status

The Naperville threepeat is nice, but how's the overall health of LetsPlay3? Next year will be the 12th season for LetsPlay3. Our trophy will be full. Ha!

I think LP3 health is pretty good. Perhaps we'll see a few people leave, but it's not so bad to cut back to 10 or 12 teams. I'm not quite sure how to add new blood at this point, but the old-timers still seem fully engaged. Threepeat... bah! LetsPlay3 is still a very competitive league.

I can't think of any rules changes that I would make at this point.


This is my favorite website design of all my fantasy years. I like the (nifty) two-part format: 1) the faux iPhone/iPad format, and 2) ballplayers born after 1990.

The website featured 16 young ballplayers, all born after 1990. The stories behind these 16 guys turned out to be quite a soap opera.

As for LetsPlay3 victory, I still say... draft young, draft BIG. Ha!

The end of the end

That's it. Next year. Huzzah!

thanks... yow, bill