The draft was Saturday Mar 21, 2015. Huzzah to that!

Pre-draft Voting

We downshifted from 14 teams to 12 teams this year. So, league owners voted to have 4 playoff teams in 2015 because we wanted a balanced regular season schedule (each team plays the other twice) and because this isn't the flippin' NHL.

The playoffs will be two weeks, in weeks 23 and 24. Done.

Draft Results

Per LP3 canon, here's Jay's original draft notes. Thanks Jay!

Draft results - Jay 1 Draft results - Jay 2 Draft results - Jay 3 Draft results - Jay 4

Thanks to Brad for this spreadsheet too!

Draft Results Spreadsheet (PDF)

And I grabbed these from the Yahoo league:

Rounds 1-3, Rounds 4-6, Rounds 7-9
Rounds 10-12, Rounds 13-15, Rounds 16-18,

Rounds 19 and 20 will happen next week, baby.

Bow Down!

Bow down to our reigning champ from 2014... the Naperville Fantasy Ballclub ™.

Below, Chris the Commish presents the coveted LetsPlay3 Trophy to Naperville Bill.

Naperville win! Naperville win!

Thanks to all... what a wonderful time!

play ball... yow, bill