Mon Sep 14, 2015

Zee playoffs. Excellent!

The home teams, KGG and Squid, are heavy favorites this week at the Caesar's sports book in Vegas. Game on!

zee playoffs... yow, bill

Semis playoff bracket

Mon Sep 21, 2015

Well, you're no fun any more. The Semis were absolutely dominated by the two grouchiest teams in the league.

Yes, it's another Naperville-KGG LP3 finals.

crushing souls... yow, bill


The #1 KGG obliterated the depleted CRYOTED in possibly the worst beating in LetsPlay3 playoff history. 8 different KGG sluggers hit home runs. K Morales led the top-rated team with 4 dinger and 23 total bases.

The TED had zero home run for the week. Let me repeat that. The TED had zero home run during the week! In the 21 weeks of the 2015 regular season, that never happened. Jeez.

KGG-TED boxscore

Click here for all the gory details: KGG 10, CRYOGENIC TED 0 - full boxscore

Naperville Weener 8, The Giant Squid 2

The Weener dominated #2 Giant Squid in bopping and pitching. Naperville's MVP (and punky G) Bryce Harper led the onslaught with this impossible line: 12 run, 5 home run, 10 rbi, and 30 total base. The Squid had a more balanced attack, but it wasn't enough to hang with the reigning 3-time champs.

Naperville-Squid boxscore

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That's it. On to the Championship Round. Huzzah!

zee playoffs... yow, bill