These are in draft order. And for fun.

#1. RBI All Day - Ryan

This is Ryan’s second season in the league. He found LP3 (aka religion) via Plano Angeero.

RBI Ryan

#2. Plainfield Shutout - Mark and Jackson

This is Plainfield’s second season too. Mark is Bill’s brother and Jax is Mark’s rotten kid.

Plainfield Mark and Jackson

#3. Killer Maltese - Brad and Annabelle

Brad is Bill’s brother. Annabelle is a killer... a killer maltese.

Brad and Annabelle

#4. Vatican City Poap - The Poap

Bill and Eric (aka The Poap) have been friends forever. The Poap won the league in 2007.

The Poap

#5. Bay City Brawler - Janny

Janny is a HUGE SF Giant fan and lives in northern CA. She is one of Bill’s oldest and dearest friends. After missing the playoffs last year, Janny has turned to the dark side of the force.


#6. Prague Yahoo - Robo-team

Prague is our robo-random team to get us to 12 this year. This is Miloš Zeman, President of the Czech Republic. He did not attend our draft.

Miloš Zeman

#7. Winterfell Beardsmen - Rob and Syd the kid

The Beardsmen, formerly The Hills... Rob and Bill have been friends forever. Syd is Rob’s kid… the kid.

Rob and Syd the kid


Jay and Bill have been friends for a million years. Jay's extensive sports memorabilia collection includes Ted Williams’ frozen head.


#9. KGG - Chris the Commish

Chris the Commish is Bill's long-time friend and fantasy nemesis. The KGG are 2-time LP3 champs.

Chris the Commish

#10. Plano Tiburon - Angeero

Ange lives in Plano. He is the reigning P34 football champ, thank you very much. We’ve been friends for a zillion years.


#11. Giant Squid - TY

TY is my (tall) son. TY's Lazy Robot team made it all the way to the Championship game last year.


#12. Naperville Weener - Bill

Me. Commish of the league and castle-dweller. Naperville is the reigning LP3 three-peat champions.

Bill Naperville

I was getting the trophy engraved at the trophy place...

Trophy guy: Three times in a row. Who’s this Bill Krieger guy?

Me: Total dick. No one in the league can stand him. You know the type.

Trophy guy: [laughing] Yeah.

he he... yow, bill