Weekly Stats

This page holds the extra stats that I collect every week during the regular season. Yes, it's a goof.

Each, week I'll post 4 things: 1) the current standings, 2) each team's average in the bopping and pitching cats, 3) each team's NIPR score, 4) the (best statistical) team of the week, and 5) each team's Heat Map showing their performance over the last 4 weeks. (Some of this stuff is explained a bit more at the bottom of this page)


NIPR stands for New and Improved Power Ranking. Basically, the NIPR ranking and score removes the head-to-head part of our league and compares team performance based on season stats only... sort of like rotisserie. A team's NIPR ranking shows how the team compares to the rest of the league using only season stats.

If you're hip to the scene, NIPR is based on the Z-Score for each category: that is, each team's performance compared to the league's average and standard deviation. There's a more detailed explanation at the bottom of each NIPR PDF file. Or, you can always email me at: williamt@williamt.com

The Heat Map is different. It shows each team's performance only over the last 4 weeks. Cell colors in the spreadsheet show red hot performance that is at least one standard deviation better than average. And ice cold blue shows performance that is one standard deviation below average or worse.

Whatev. (he he)

lets play three... yow, bill