Mon Sep 28, 2015

2015 - well, that's a wrap!

We are an even dozen years into the LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball league experience. Excellent! When I get "KGG 2015" engraved onto the trophy next Spring, it'll be chockful 'o champion names. We're out of room on the trophy. Excellent again!

It bears repeating, IMHO. I love the league. I love you guys... all our hard-core owners (ha!). I wish you could be league commish for a week and get to interact with everyone else, the way I get to. For me, this is a big part of why the league is so special: text messages from Angeero, email taunts from KGG, smack over dinner with TY, message board shenanigans with Janny, Yankee game updates from Brad, sitting on a barstool next to Rob at The Hoot sharing movie trivia insights with Busty Miley, and the whole deal. It's all great!

Thanks to each LP3 owner for your energy and passion and for the fun! Thanks to: The Commish and CRYO-Jay and TY and The Poap and Ryan and Brad and Rob and Janny and Mark and Angeero. Huzzah!

It's been another wonderful season. I think we have some work to do: 1) maybe explore some rules changes to keep things fresh, and 2) of course, recruiting! It would be great to get back up to 14 teams in 2016. We shall see.

I hope to see everyone again for the 2016 season.

The draft is in 6 months. Ha!

letsplay3... yow, bill

Don Kessinger and Glenn Beckert
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