Payton34 2009 Fantasy Football

Huzzah to 2009... the year of Cutler!

Nuts to that... the century of Cutler!!!

Anyway... hey, before you click your brains out, bow down to your better in every way...

Reigning Payton34 2008 Champ

Jay Cervenka 

and the Hoffman Hillbilly

Jay was crowned Payton34 champ before this year's draft. Wanna see?

HILLBILLY Jay... your better in every way ... Payton34 Champ accepting his booty, the new trophy! ... A hearty handshake from Payton34 Commish, Bill Krieger

HOFFMAN HILLBILLY, 2008 Payton34 Champs

Click for the biggun version of each photo

Our league is at:

It's easy by now... the big 3 sections (and a hangover):

  1. The Draft
  2. The Season
  3. The Playoffs
  4. The Hangover

Sounds good to me.

peace... yow, bill

Jay Cutler lloks good as a Bear. Duh.

1. The Draft

Coming very soon:

  • When: Sunday Aug 30, 2009 @ 3:00
  • Where: Castle BillSkull
  • Wha happen: Bill's cell = 

Draft order looks (approximately) like this right now:

  1. Aaron - Palatine Panther
  2. Myles - St. Charles Sapphire
  3. Daryl - Lawn Ranger
  4. Bill - Naperville Punkin
  5. Justin - Naper Ninja
  6. Newbie Keith - Mud Monkey
  7. Newbies Tony & Matt - Matt&Tony
  8. Newbie Kurt - Lisle Larry
  9. Ty - Naper F-14
  10. Chris Commish - KGG Football
  11. Eric the Poap - Melonville Larue
  12. Jay - Hoffman Hillbilly

Some notes:

  • Yes, you can change your team name.
  • You can see last year's draft on the web site.
  • We had 14 rounds last year... I expect the same this year.
  • Draft order is snake... first to last and then last to first. BTW, can we vote on this again? Because it sucks.
  • The fee is $50 for money players... totally optional. Winner takes all.

Email me if you have questions.

Draft Results

OK, here are your 2009 draft results... 12 teams, 14 rounds:

  • Here's a speadsheet in PDF form: draft_results.pdf
  • And Chris the Commish's (excellent) draft notes (click to make it readable):

2009 Payton34 draft results

Excellent draft, then pizza, then catch, then Bear preseason. Excellent!

later... yow, bill

Jay scrambles for the TD. Every time!

2. The Season

Coming soon... first NFL game is Thursday Sep 10: Ten @ Pit. Great game!

A reminder to all... here's the gold ring at the end of our journey... the trophy... mmmmmm.

Payton34 trophy  ...   Payton34 winners... so far!

Game on!

Final Standings

Here are the final standings of the regular season:

Payton34 2009 Final Standings

The 2009 All-Payton34 Team

Enjoy this year's All-Payton34 team... the best players at each, by Yahoo-scoring:

QBD Brees, nwoHoly Molie182
RBC Johnson, tenMUD MONKEY166
WRM Austin, dalLisle Larry106
W/RA Peterson, minPalatine Panther139
TEV Davis, sfoMUD MONKEY101
KN Kaeding, sdgMelonville Larue124
DEFNew OrleansNaper F-14120

And the Payton34 2009 MVP is... drum roll... 

Drew Brees, nwo
of the Holy Molie

peace... yow, bill

Cutler is perfect, even warming up!

3. The Playoffs

I guess the Jay Cutler theme didn't work out too great this year for the Bear. But not so bad for these 4 playoff teams... he he.

First Round

The first round matchups are:

  • FIERCE FRENCH FRY 89, Naperville Punkin 66 (boxscore)
  • KGG Football 53, MUD MONKEY 50 (boxscore)

Championship Game

Sports viewing over the holidays...

F the bowl games.

The Bears? Are you kidding me?

Spend more time with the family... ha!

No, baby... it's all about the Payton34 Championship Game!

KGG Football 65, 



For the trophy... good luck to both teams and Merry Christmas to all!

and to all a good night... yow, bill

4. The HangoverIf you were Jay Cutler, you'd have these hot chicks. But you're not!

Congrats to our 2009 Payton34 Champion:

KGG Football

Chris "Commish" Martin

So, until next year... do what Jay Cutler would do.

No, not throw the ball to the other team!

Go Deep!





yow, bill