2011 Payton34 Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football... huzzah!


Hey there. Welcome aboard to the 2011 edition. It's bare bones, baby... just chronological order. So page like mad to the bottom for the latest, greatest stuff.

bear down... yow, bill


Testing - 08/18/2011

This is a test of the emetergency broadcast system. This is only a test. In the case of a real emergency... blah blah blah.

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Draft - 08/19/2011 Dos Equis draft

Draft info:

  • Saturday Sep 3 @ 5:30 pm

  • It's at the Poap's house. I'll email the address chop chop


Draft order, based on last year's standings:

  1. Franklin Ave Jag, I mean, Tom

  2. Jay

  3. Commish

  4. Rob

  5. Ty

  6. Justin

  7. Myles

  8. *** any new guy if we get one ***

  9. Daryl

  10. Poap

  11. Aaron

  12. Bill


We do have one open slot, so recruit recruit recruit.

Email me any questions/ideas.

peace... yow, bill

14 teams - 09/01/2011

It looks like we will roll with 14 teams this year. Huzzah! 

That means our draft order will be:

  1. Tom H
  2. Jay
  3. Commish
  4. Rob
  5. Ty
  6. Justin
  7. Myles
  8. Joe  /* newbie */
  9. John  /* newbie */
  10. Jay's brother  /* newbie */
  11. Daryl
  12. Poap
  13. Aaron
  14. Bill

Remember, the draft is Saturday Sep 3 @ 5:30 pm at the Poap's house in Geneva.

Research - 09/02/2011

Research links... the big 3 sites. Just for fun.

ESPN is the big Daddy, I suppose. Most everything is free, but it's annoying that some of their stuff is only for subscribers. Whatever.

2. Fox Sports
They seem to feature three different guys and put their stories/predictions in a blender. Goob.

3. CBS Sports
CBS Sports is (wonderful) information overload.

See you tomorrow at 5:30!

hike... yow, bill


Draft fun, draft done - 09/05/2011

Great time at the draft. Thanks to all! Thanks to the Poap for the hospitality and for being an outstanding draft secretary.

Here are the draft results:

Payton34 draft results

Or, here's a PDF version: official_draft.pdf

Two things before the actual draft. First, we voted to have a straight draft next year. Huzzah! Second, last year's champ was coronated. The Poap presented the Payton34 trophy to Bill Krieger (yeah!), our 2010 champion. Bow down!


Congrats 2010 Champions

Naperville Goldfish, owner Bill Krieger

Bow down to the Naperville Goldfish!

Great start to another great (fantasy football) year.

good luck... yow, bill


Regular season. Check. - 12/06/2011

I heart the 14 team, 6 playoff team, 3 round setup this year. Excellent!

Here are the final standings for 2011:

2011 Payton34 Final Standings


The 2011 All-Payton34 team is:

QBAa Rodgers (gnb)KGG227
RBL McCoy (phi)No-Brainer150
RBRay Rice (bal)bulldog134
WRMegatron (det)Lawn Ranger119
WRW Welker (nwe)Pinkhat105
R/WA Foster (hou)Mini-Commish120
TER Gronkowski (nwe)Mini-Commish124
KD Akers (sfo)FRENCH FRY134
DefDa Bearsbulldog100

Honorable mentions: 

  • QB - D Brees (nwo) Lawn Ranger 186

  • QB - Cam Newton (car) PinkHat 182... rook picked in the last14th round

  • RB - AP (min) Jaguar 115... even though he missed 2 games

  • TE Jimmy Graham (nwo) Clown 94

  • Oddly, the bullldog had the top 2 defenses: the Bear 100, Sfo 98

  • Oddly again, D Bailey (dal) 119 of the Militia was 2nd best kicker, but all I remember is the guy missing all the time?!?


Our P34 2011 MVP... dominating from start to finish:

Payton34 2011 MVP

Aa Rodgers (gnb)

KGG Football


En homage to our MVP... this photo entitled "Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriends". Ha!

Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriends

On to the playoffs!

huzzah... yow, bill



Zee Playoffs, Round 1 - Dec 13, 2011

Our two bye teams are: #1 fightin bulldog and #2 Da No-Brainer.

The real action...

  • Chicago PinkHat 85, Melonville LaRue 67

  • Metal Millitia 60, Lawn Ranger 21


Read on for the boxscore and summaries of this exciting playoff action.


Chicago PinkHat 85, Melonville LaRue 67

PinkHat 85, Larue 67

Summary: Click on that boxscore and enjoy the goodness. This was an angry donnybrook. MJD carried the Larue with a 4TD, 30 fantasy point Sunday afternoon. And I don't think I've seen this in all my fantasy years... the PinkHat had double-digit scoring from 6 players.

Monday night, with a comfortable lead, the PinkHat went into self-proclaimed "Beast Mode" as Marshawn Lynch powered into the endzone to a shower of Skittles  and a ticket to the 2nd round of the playoffs. It was another bitter playoff end for perennial contender LaRue.



Metal Militia 60, Lawn Ranger 21

Militia 60, Lawn Ranger 21

Summary: The Militia cruised to a respectable 60 points in an easy victory. The story was the Lawn Ranger, whose ugly playoff crash was worthy of a looky-loo induced traffic jam. The Ranger got 14 points from stalwart Drew Brees and just 7 points from his remaining 8 players. Other than Brees, no one on the Lawn Ranger scored more than 2 points. That's a dang complete meltdown, and theMilitia easily advance to round 2.


On to round 2. I am totally digging the 3 round playoff setup.

huzzah... yow, bill

PS - Beast mode!

Marshawn Lynch - beast mode!


Zee Playoffs, Round 2 - Dec 20, 2011

Week 15 was an upset special as both top seeds got the boot. Go:

  • Chicago PinkHat 65, Da No-Brainer 54

  • Metal Militia 67, fightin bulldog 33


Chicago PinkHat 65, Da No-Brainer 54

PinkHat 65, No-Brainer 54

Summary: This game wasn't as close as the final score indicates. Shady McCoy tallied a late 3 TD and 21 points for the No-Brainer. This staved off a PinkHat blowout, but could not bring victory to the No-Brainer, I mean, Da No-Brainer.


Metal Militia 67, fightin' bulldog 33

Militia 67, bulldog 33

Summary: Beatdown. Old school.

On to the finals. Good luck to the Hat of Pink and the Militia!

yow, bill


PS - Lance Moore. A leper yesterday. A hero today.

Lance Moore. Ex-leper. Current hero.


Zee Championship - Dec 27, 2011

The Championship. The Payton Bowl. An ugly cage match battle of epic proportions. Huzzah!

And the winner is...

2011 Payton34 Champions

Chicago PinkHat

Ty Krieger


The final tally... PinkHat 78, Metal Militia 54. 

And here's the boxscore:

PinkHat win!


Here's the entire playoff run/bracket. Of course, ignore that bogus "3rd place game"... we don't use that at all:

playoff bracket


Congrats to Rob and the Metal Militia on a great year!

And huzzah to the 2011 PinkHat!

Best pick: The PinkHat 14th round selection of rookie QB Cam Newton (car) will go down as the greatest fantasy draft pick of all-time. Cam ended up 3rd in scoring overall and led Chicago to the title.

Streaky: The PinkHat were streaky. The team started 5-0. Then lost 4 of 5 games. Then won his last 6 games in a row. For style points, the PinkHat led the entire league in scoring in 4 of the last 6 weeks. Amazing! Ty's 78 points in the title game is one point shy of the 2008 Hoffman Hillbilly all-time record.

Depth: The PinkHat had top players at all positions: Cam at QB, Welker at WR, Marshawn at RB. This is even more remarkable considering that we are a 14 team league this year. And depth... 1st round pick M Vick was Ty's backup QB, though I don't think he was ever used.

Kid: The PinkHat becomes the 1st kid to win in Payton34. He join Justin and the 2008 Mini-Commish in fantasy baseball as our only kid fantasy champions.


Well, congrats PinkHat, and of course...

Next year!

yow, bill


Cam Newton, PinkHat... number one!