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This aux page holds stats and extra stuff. Oh, many years from now... I'll surf back here and reminisce when I'm drooling in the swingin' seniors home. Many, many years from now.

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Draft order

Draft order is the reverse of last year's finish. Go!

  1. Bill - Naperville
  2. Ryan - Butler Jet
  3. Rob - Metal Militia
  4. Ange - Plano
  5. Jay - Streamwood
  6. Myles - Cadet
  7. TY - Driftless Pony
  8. Commish - KGG
  9. Kyle - Kyle T's Team **newbie (sort of)**
  10. Aaron - Harper
  11. Tom - Van Buren
  12. Daryl - Lawn Ranger
  13. Poap - Melonville
  14. Justin - Mini-Commish

And no snaking for us. Like last year, we run a straight draft just like the big boys.

Draft logistics

Here we go...

So, the idea is come early for some food and chit-chat. Then, after the draft, run for the exits like your head's on fire.

If you're a long-distance drafter, you have two choices: 1) Draft via list, 2) Draft via Chatzy chat room. In either case, email me so we can set you up.

Draft results

Away we go. Click and learn...

Here's the official Jay transcript of the draft:

Rounds 1-3 ~ Rounds 4-6 ~ Rounds 7-8

Rounds 9-10 ~ Rounds 11-12 ~ Rounds 13-14

And here's the Yahoo draft results:

Rounds 1-3 ~ Rounds 4-6

Rounds 7-9 ~ Rounds 10-12 ~ Rounds 13-14

Draft fun

We mixed it up a little this year. Everyone arrived a little early for some pre-draft weeners and beers. Excellent!

An important part of any draft is to recognize the recent past. As such, we bow down to our better in every way... the reigning champion from 2013: Justin and the Mini-Commishes!

Here, Justin receives the coveted Payton34 Trophy from P34 Commissioner Bill Krieger:

Justin and his Dad celebrating... Victory!

Finally, thanks to everyone for a great draft. I enjoy "officially" putting the draft into Yahoo the morning after. The website is very well done, and it's a buzz. Here's a fun peek behind the curtain. After I put the draft in, Yahoo asks me if I'm sure Payton34 is ready to begin the season.

I click "Yes!"... and Yahoo says, "Your draft results have been recorded and your league is now set for the fantasy season to begin". Huzzah to that!

The Regular Season

Away we go... more coming (not) soon, but sometime. I gotta win a couple-a games first. Cha!

No regular season blather this year. All is well. Read on!

Final Standings

Meet the new boss... the reigning Champion Mini-Commish finish the regular season atop the standings.

Oh my!

All-Payton34 Team

Here are the top-scoring players at each position... your 2014 All-Payton34 Team!

2014 All-Payton34 Team

Pos Player (NFL team) Team Points
QB Andrew Luck (ind) Naperville Dragon 198
WR Antonio Brown (pit) Melonville LaRue 124
WR Dem Thomas (den) Naperville Dragon 121
RB Beast Mode (sea) Robo-Hobo 126
RB Demarco Murray (dal) CADET 117
TE Gronk (nwe) Gustavo Fring 94
Flex Matt Forte (bear plano tiburon 112
K Cody Parkey (phi) Mini-Commish 131
Def Philly Mini-Commish 114

Honorable Mention:

  • QB - Aa Rodgers (gnb), Van Buren Jag, 197
  • QB - Peyton (den), Streamwood Steamer, 196
  • WR - Jordy (gnb), plano tiburon, 111
  • RB - Arian Foster (hou), Harper Hawk, 110

Your 2014 P34 MVP is Andrew Luck of the Naperville Dragon. Huzzah!

Luck was the first player taken in the 3rd round. He was the 4th QB taken overall. Yes, Aa Rodgers and Peyton were snagged in the first round. Drew Brees is the missing link, and he was the 4th best QB in Yahoo with 156 points. So the best QB's performed as expected this year.

In fact, our whole All-P34 list is quite orderly (um, boring). The lowest draft selection of all the position players was Gronk in the 4th round. Gronk only fell that far because of injury worries before the season. He missed the first couple games of the season but was still the dominant TE in Yahoo.

The Wildcard Round

The Wildcard Round quickly became the Blowout Round as the underdogs ruled the day.

CADET 89, Naperville Dragon 51

The CADET crushed Naperville with an awesome 3-headed running attack: DeMarco, Lacey and Denver rook CJ Anderson. Each of these runners scored more than 15 points and 2 TD! The CADET running attack scored 52 points... more than Naperville's entire squad.

Payton34 MVP Andrew Luck led the Dragon, but none of Naperville's 6 position players (RB, WR, TE) scored a TD. All 6 players scored a (pitiful) 6 points, combined.

This was a rout.

Lawn Ranger 109, Gustavo Fring 64

The Lawn Ranger set a new Payton34 playoff record for scoring with 109 points. The Masked Man's RB L Bell led the ferocious charge with 29 points. I don't know if that's an individual record for points scored, but if it isn't... it should be.

Hey, The Fring scored: M Stafford 18, TY Hilton 17, and Gronk with 10. But it wasn't nearly enough to match the Lawn Ranger.

Congrats to The Dragon and The Fring on excellent seasons. On to round 2... The Semis!

The Semis

Now, we're getting somewhere. The top 2 teams in the league advance to the Championship Round!

Mini-Commish 55, CADET 48

The top-ranked Mini needed superstar help to beat the CADET, and he got it. On a drizzly Chicago night, Drew Brees scored 19 points against the hapless Bear to power the reigning champion to another appearance in the P34 Finals!

The CADET were led by their superstar, DeMarco Murray, who scored two TD and 16 points. But the CADET gamble on rookie QB J Manziel went sour as Johnny Football stumbled in his first NFL start for -3 points. Dop!

Plano Tiburon 80, Lawn Ranger 50

Last week, the Lawn Ranger rocked the Payton34 world with a record 109 points in the playoffs. But in the semis, #2 Plano took note and took care of business gliding to a 30 point victory.

The Plano attack is young and old. The Tib were led by rookie sensations WR Odell Beckham Jr. and RB Jeremy Hill. The flashy youngsters tallied 23 and 19 points, respectively. Plano's foundation is old and New England-y, however, and Tom Brady connected with Julian Edelman for a combined 21 points.

After a big week, the Lawn Ranger languished. Only one Ranger player scored over 10 points, with L Bell at 17 points for the week.

Congrats to the CADET and Lawn Ranger on outstanding seasons!

On to the BIG $$$...

The Championship Game

Ed. Note: my personal favorite crappy Chicago Bear product - The Nerd Bear. Excellent.

Pla-no! Pla-no! Pla-no!

Plano Tiburon 73, Mini Commish 34

The Tiburon dominate the championship round, rumbling to their first-ever title. Huzzah!

Both teams had elite QB's: Tom Brady for Plano and Drew Brees of The Mini. And both QB's stunk: Brady 5, Brees 4.

After that, however, Plano flexed his muscles. 5 of Plano's 6 position players scored 9 points or more. The Tib attack was led by rookie sensation Odell Beckham, Jr. with 19 points.

Congrats Justin, our 2103 champ, for making it all the way to the final game again this year.

And of course, congrats to Angeero on the title. Plano Rules!

The rest of us (lesser men) are left to wistfully scan the 2014 playoff bracket (below). Why? Why Plano? With quiet reflection and a couple Advil, the answer comes to us clear and cold... Angeero, your better in every way.

Thanks to everyone for another great season. And on next year, the 2015 season, I say... huzzah!

thanks... yow, bill