Welcome to the 2017 season of the Payton34 Fantasy Football league.

We're a Yahoo league... so here's the link to all the real action.


This is an aux site with some stats and some pictures and some crap. And it's a legacy deal... we'll look back some day and laugh/cry/drool. Speaking of legacy, this is our 12th year. The name of this year's champion will fill the trophy... just like baseball. Pretty cool.

Anywho, that's all for now. Just scroll down and enjoy the ride.

thanks... yow, bill

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PS - Here's Walter's rookie card. The rest of the football cards below are chosen randomly from ones I've downloaded from the internets. Click on him for a bigger version. If you have a card you'd like to add, then email me. Hut.

The Draft

Draft day is all set... Sat Aug 26 @ 3:00pm

The draft location is The Castle. Not a biggie... we're much more mobile now, with more people drafting via chatzy than live. It's the 21st century, I think. (shrug)

Draft order is the reverse of last year's standings + playoffs. We're rolling with 14 teams again this year.

  1. KGG — Chris Commish (Aurora, IL)
  2. Van Buren Jag — Tommy H (Naperville, IL)
  3. Dak to the Future — Myles (Milwaukee, WI)
  4. Springfield Atom — Ed (Cambridge UK)
  5. Miami Mini — Justin M (Miami, FL)
  6. Butler Jet — Ryan M (Pittsburgh, PA?)
  7. Busboomer — Ry RBI (Plano, IL)
  8. Throw up the X — Bryan C (Oregon) *newbie
  9. Cambridge Math — TY (San Antonio, TX)
  10. Streamwood Stream — Jay (Streamwood, IL)
  11. plano tiburon — Angeero (Plano, IL)
  12. Melonville LaRue — Eric S (Geneva, IL)
  13. Cardiac Comeback — Rob, aka The Beard (Aurora, IL)
  14. Naperville Cupcake — williamt (The Ville, IL)

Draft prep - usually starts with your trip to the liquor store for some draft fuel. (ha)

Here's my handy Draft Helper for 2017. Print it out so you can write down your picks as you make them.


As far as research is concerned, you'll want a list of players (Angeero). Here are some links to cheatsheets, lists, research and more!

  • Your easiest option is also the best: google fantasy football cheat sheet
  • These guys are my favorite. They poll, like, 100 "experts" to brew up their consensus rankings. They are getting a little pushy about their pay stuff, but the rankings still print out nicely. www.fantasypros.com/nfl/
  • These are nice rankings because they include tiers. www.fftoday.com/rankings
  • Razzball is "The Man" in fantasy baseball, but their football offering is weak and hard to print. football.razzball.com
  • A pox on ESPN, but they do have some easy-to-print cheatsheets... if you can figure out their difficult-to-navigate site. ESPN's stinky link

Regular Season

The first NFL game is Thu Sep 7. It's the KC Chief at The Pattie [nfl link]. Last one to The Peaks buys the (many) beers.


Zee Playoffs

Coming (not very) soon...

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