The Party

You are invited to a fun graduation party. It's extra special because we are celebrating two very shiny graduates: Holly and Ty. Read on!

Please email — I need your RSVP so that I can count heads for the caterer. Gifts are totally optional, but I can give you a gift idea when you email me if you like. Thanks!

thanks... yow, bill

Dr. Holly

Dr. Holly Holly is graduating from the University of Illinois at Chicago with her PhD in math. I believe Holly's thesis is entitled "The Rapid Addition and Subtraction of Large Numbers Without a Calculator"... or something like that. I'm not sure, but you can ask her at the party. Holly has worked REALLY hard to achieve this, and I am REALLY, REALLY proud of her accomplishment. Really. Dr. Holly!

Dr. Holly's first job (post-PhD) will be teaching and researching math at a little place called the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. Awesome!

Mr. Ty

Ty is graduating from Madison Jr. High. Ty plays saxophone. He is very good at baseball, basketball and math. Ty is handsome and is a very nice young man.

Mr. Ty Ty is moving on to Naperville Central High School in August. Actually, he's already had high school marching band practice this summer.

Savaage Chickens graduation cartoon