Holly 'n Da (hol'e en da) n. 1. a girl (Holly) and her father (me). 2. crude crappy doodles on yellow pads of paper.
Our Story Holly 'n Da began as a distraction, and I guess it still is. First off...
  • Da is me, or more specifically, Holly's name for me.
  • Holly is my daughter.

Our doodling began as a distraction while we were traveling. Anyone who travels with kids knows that the key to survival on long trips with children is distraction.

To pre-occupy Holly during, say an airplane flight, I would begin a cartoonic assault by drawing (if you can call it that) a Holly 'n Da cartoon showing Holly in some peril or doing something stupid or whatever. She would then volley back with her own abuse. An so on...

Well, Holly is 14 now, and I no longer have to "distract" her per se, but we still go at it every so often. It's fun.

I decided to post Holly 'n Da on the web because I enjoy them, and it was a learning experience for me (ya know: scanners, imaging software, HTML editor, etc). I did a bunch of experimentation to try and make Holly 'n Da look sort of like a "real" cartoon, but in the end that was fruitless... I have no artistic talent (in fact, I probably owe some talent to the universe I'm so broke). So, what you see is the real deal... Holly 'n Da in its pristine state... crude crappy doodles on yellow pads of paper.

Why? Why not? Thanks, Bill

Old ones What could be more valuable than the Holly 'n Da archives:
Lost Episodes


Did you read that? "Holly is 14 now"


Well it's August 2005, and Holly is 21 now. Time warp! Anyway, I found a yellow pad chock full 'o Holly 'n Da comics from back in the day. Enjoy:

Holly 'n Da - the lost episodes