Holly 'n Da - the lost episodes

July 21, 2005

I found a bunch of Holly 'n Da cartoons sitting in my desk or on the floor or something. Here's the first one; you can click on each cartoon to go to the next one:

Holly 'n Da - Exploding gum

Anyway, they're from our 2001 trip to Puerto Rico. Holly, at this point is 17 years old... pretty close to the sweet spot of her really hard-core teen years. She had completely lost interest in the old H & Da vacation diversion. I, still drifting at a maturity level far below 17 years, had not lost interest.

I find three consistent themes in these invaluable (i.e. worthless) episodes:

  1. beer,
  2. sharks,
  3. Ashley, Holly's best friend who vacationed with us that year

Other than vacation, the other context of some of these  classics is Holly's impending departure from the nest... she's less than a month from leaving home for college. Sigh. There are 16 of these artistic "gems":

  1. Exploding gum
  2. Sharks
  3. Newts
  4. Butt UFO
  5. Two sharks
  6. Killer feathers
  7. Umbrella shark
  8. Ashley makover
  9. Puke
  10. Bilingual
  11. Holly is off to college
  12. Goat-ey
  13. I'll play with Ty
  14. Denise
  15. Ferry? (side note: I don't get this one at all. Is it like a gay thing or something? Got me)
  16. Beer

enjoy... yow, bill

PS - BTW, the vacation was fun but Puerto Rico blows. Si.