1997-98 NIBL Draft

The draft was held on a blustery Saturday morning at young Bill Krieger's house Read on...

Draft Pos Team Conference
1 Aruba Thongs East
2 Diablo Spawn West
3 Glen Ellyn Cyclones East
4 West Chicago Women West
5 Matunuck Breakers East
6 Ottawa Strippers West
7 Baghdad Cross-Dressers East
8 Naperville Aliens West
9 Santa Fe Salsa East
10 Elk Grove Cougars West
11 Vegas Vermin East
12 Shorewood Sceptres West
13 Capitol City Tools East
14 Harlem Emeralds West
15 Manila DogEaters East
16 Walla Walla BoardBangers West

Yes, the Aruba Thongs were the last team drawn from the hat (well, a bowl actually) of destiny and received the honor of the first selection of the draft. This was not without controversy as the owner of the Thongs is also our beloved commissioner Bill Krieger, and the chosing of the teams was done by his fair (of face and heart) daughter Holly Krieger.

Amidst great wailing and sorrow, the Thongs chose Michael with the first pick in the draft, and let the remaining picks be recorded below.

M Jordan Chi
D Robinson San
S O'Neil Lal
K Malone Uta
H Olajuwan Hou
P Ewing Nyk
G Payton Sea
D Mutombo Atl
G Hill Det
C Webber Was
T Hardaway Mia
R Seikaly Orl
Gugliota Min
Kemp Cle
Garnett Min
A Walker Bos
ROUND 2 *  
S Bradley Dal
V Baker Sea
C Drexler Hou
T Duncan San
R Miller Ind
R Strickland Was
L Sprewell Gsw
C Barkley Hou
G Rice Cha
M Camby Tor
A Mourning Mia
S Pippen Chi
A Iverson Phi
R Smits Ind
A Sabonis Por
G Robinson Mil
S Abdur-Rahim Van
A Mason Cha
S Marbury Min
M Richmond Sac
A Hardaway Orl
J Kidd Pho
J William Njn
K Johnson Pho
M Blaylock Atl
K Bryant Lal
J Howard Was
C Laettner Atl
I Rider Por
D Stoudamire Tor
S Cassell Njn
S Smith Atl

ROUND 4 *  
I Austin Mia
K Anderson Por
R Allen Mil
N Van Exel Lal
J Mashburn Mia
M Finley Dal
V Divac Cha
E Campbell Lal
T Brandon Mil
A McDeyess Pho
K Gill Njn
J Starks Nyk
C Gatling Njn
C Ward Nyk
D Shrempf Sea
E Jones Lal
B Williams Det
J Stockton Uta
D Manning Pho
J Smith Gsw
R Mercer Bos
B Grant Por
L Johnson Nyk
M Jackson Ind
E Johnson Mil
J Stackhouse Phi
S Elliott San
C Childs Nyk
R Wallace Por
L Hunter Det
D Marshall Gsw
K Willis Hou
ROUND 6 *  
R Horry :Lal
D Christie Tor
K Kittles Njn
L Vaught Lac
T Battie Den
J Hornacek Uta
A Grenne Dal
T Kukoc Chi
H Hawkins Sea
R Fox Lal
G Ostertag Uta
C Oakley Nyk
B Barry Lac
H Grant Orl
D Wesley Cha
B Reeves Van

W Person Cle
L Ellis Den
C Weatherspoon Phi
O Polynice Sac
A Johnson San
P Brown Mia
Z Ilgauskas Cle
A Houston Nyk
C Parks Min
R Chapman Pho
C Robinson Pho
D Ferry Cle
L Longley Chi
L Murray Lac
D Coleman Phi
D Anderson Cle
ROUND 8 *  
B Jackson Den
V Potapenko Cle
S Perkins Sea
J Dumars Det
A Henderson Atl
W Williams Tor
C Billups Bos
J Jackson Phi
B Sura Cle
T Hil Mil
T Murray Was
D Curry Cha
K Van Horn Njn
T Knight Bos
M Geiger Cha
R Rogers Lac
O Thorpe Van
C Mullen Ind
G Muresan Was
D Rodman Chi
A Daniels Van
D Garrett Den
B Owens Sac
C Mills Nyk
J Williams Pho
D Ellis Sea
B Knight Cle
R Harper Chi
C Ceballos Pho
A Peeler Van
H Eisley Uta
M Sealy Det

ROUND 10 *  
V Del Negro San
B Stith Den
T Corbin Atl
M Maloney Hou
C Chaney Was
B Phills Cha
M Elie Hou
T Mills Mia
M Davis Phi
D Davis Ind
E Gray Atl
J Wallace Tor
R Pack Dal
C Williamson Sac
S Douglas Njn
N Anderson Orl

* Don't forget that even round draft are selected last-team first... so the order of selection is reversed. The last player selected in the draft Vinny Del Negro.