The Flippin' NIBL Playoffs

And now, your new NIBL champions...

Manila DogEaters

Owner: Denise Raimondo

The NIBL Championships

Manila, new NIBL champions beats Walla Walla 2 games to 1...

Game NIBL Championship Winner High Loser High
1 Manila 86, Walla Walla 35 (boxscore) D Schrempf, 28 E Jones, 20
2 Walla Walla 53, Manila 42 (boxscore) E Jones, 28 D Schrempf, 13
3 Manila 91, Walla Walla 71 (boxscore) D Schrempf, 44 E Jones, 38

Championship Player Draft

Each team selected two players prior to the first Championship game in the Championship player draft. With the higher regular season rank, Walla Walla got the first selection:

Pick Team Player
1 Walla Walla BoardBreakers J Jackson, Sas
2 Manila DogEaters T Cummings, Nyk
3 Manila DogEaters G Foster, Uth
4 Walla Walla BoardBreakers S Burrell, Chi

Playoff Results, Round 1

The results are in:

Eastern Conference   Western Conference
Manila beats Aruba, 2-1   Walla Walla sweeps West Chicago, 2-0

You can get all the first round playoff details... here!