NIBL owners,

The table below lists all the NIBL players that have not yet participated in their required one game. You must play non-injured players in at least one NIBL game. I have indicated which players must play and which players are injured (and therefore don't need to be played). If you disagree with this information, please email me at

We'll peruse the list prior to the last week of the season, and if you still have active players remaining that have not played, I'll contact you about players that you must insert into your lineup.

Thanks, Bill

NIBL Team Player Has to play?
Baghdad A Green (Dal) Yes
Capital City R. Pack (Dal) No, out for season
Glen Ellyn K Kittles (Njn) Yes
Glen Ellyn G Muresan (Was) No, out for season
Santa Fe B Sura (Cle) Yes
Santa Fe J Williams (Pho) Yes
Santa Fe M Davis (Phi) Yes
Vegas E Gray (Atl) No, out for season
Diablo C Mullin (Ind) Yes
Diablo B Stith (Den) Yes
Harlem ** T Knight (Bos) Yes
Harlem ** A Peeler (Van) Yes
Naperville T Mills (Mia) Yes
Ottawa B Phills (Cha) Yes
Walla Walla D Anderson (Cle) Yes
Walla Walla M Sealy (Det) Yes
West Chicago L Vaught (Lac) No, out for season

** Harlem is incommunicado. On the last week, Johnny Rai and I will insert T Knight and A Peeler into Harlem's lineup. We'll use a coin flip to choose which players will be pulled out to make room for these two guys.