NIBL Announces Rules Changes for 1999

Bill Krieger... Jan 21, 1999

There will be only very minor tweaks to the Bylaws for 1999. Let's go...

  • Draft Order - The Bylaws currently state that the draft order will be determined randomly. This will be changed to use the team's record in the previous season to determine draft order.
  • Roster Moves - Each team will be allowed 2 roster moves per season. This is new, and it's a response to concerns that teams descimated by injury or coach-biting.
  • Sixth Man - Each lineup will now specify a "sixth man" to be used during the week in case of injury in mid-week. If one of the players in your starting lineup gets a zero score and plays zero minutes during an NBA game, then you can use the score of your sixth man as a substitute. We'll have some stuff in the Bylaws prohibiting abuse of this rule, so that you can't play a guy you know is injured to sneak in a better, out-of-position sixth man.

Details on each of these changes will be spelled out to owners at the player draft. I will also be updating the Bylaws to reflect these new rules.


PS - Ok, Ok, here my obligatory bow... Bow down to the 1998 NIBL Champs (God I can't wait for the 1999 season)...

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