NIBL Draft slated for Feb 6, 1999

Bill Krieger... Jan 21, 1999

NIBL officials, not unlike their NBA counterparts have been frantically scrambling to put together the remnants of the abbreviated 1999 mini-season. Through a combination of polling NIBL ownership and the consumption of adult beverages at Pockets, the local sports bar, the following draft day details have been worked out.

What 1999 NIBL player draft
When Saturday Feb 6, 1999 at 10:00 am
Where Bill Krieger's house, like last year

1016 Kauai King Ct. in Naperville

The order of the draft will be in reverse-order of your placement last year. The exact draft order will be posted later, but I do know that the Manila Folders, er ah, DogEaters will select last because they're the Champs.

We will have a couple of new teams this year and those teams will draft after existing franchises that didn't make the playoffs, but before the four teams that did make the playoffs.

We will compile a list of eligible players and their positions the week before the draft. As you can imagine, this will be a daunting task with all the last minute player movement in the NBA. Check this page and have your printer ready... we will also have a hardcopy of the draftable players available at the draft.