NIBL Draft Order Posted

Bill Krieger... Feb 1, 1999

First things first... Here are the draft details again:

What 1999 NIBL player draft
When Saturday Feb 6, 1999 at 10:00 am
Where Bill Krieger's house, like last year

1016 Kauai King Ct. in Naperville

OK, Here is the NIBL draft order:

  1. Matunuck - Tony
  2. Baghdad - Eric
  3. Shorewood - Shell
  4. Vegas - Tom
  5. Santa Fe - Steve
  6. Elk Grove - Bill "Moz"
  7. Capital City - Johnny Rai
  8. Diablo - Dan
  9. New team #1
  10. New team #2
  11. New team #3
  12. New team #4
  13. Aruba - Bill
  14. West Chicago - Don
  15. Walla Walla - Bailey boys
  16. Manila - Denise

The draft order of the four new teams in the league will be selected out of a hat. By the way, three of the four new team owners are:

  • Mark Krieger - former co-owner of the Elk Grove Cougars. I'm sure that every NIBL owner or devotee knows about the nasty spat between the Elk Grove ownership last year. I believe it all started with a disagreement over the drafting of known drug users and/or felons, but that's just a rumor.
  • Tim Herring - a successful fantasy football owner trying to crossover his skills to fantasy basketball. Tim is known by friends and fantasy owners he has beaten as "the best of the best". To me, he's just "Tim".
  • Rob Reed - Rob's major fantasy accomplishments include marrying my cousin and escaping Missouri. Expect to see Rob pull off his shoes and socks after the tenth player is selected in the draft.

The NIBL executive committee is still negotiating with the fourth new franchise owner. If you have any ideas, email me.

One more note: Each team will remain in the same conference it was in last year. New teams will be randomly assigned a conference.

Yow, Bill

PS - Coming later this week... the list of draftable NBA players!