NIBL Season Begins - Let's Get It On!

Bill Krieger... Feb 8, 1999

The NIBL draft went off without a hitch... unbelievable. Here is a sort-of-formatted page of all the draft picks.

NIBL 1999 Player Draft

I also have the schedule. This is still pretty rough, but at least the information is there:

NIBL 1999 Games Schedule

Check out the schedule for anomolies, and email me if you find anything. It was kind of funky, so let me know...

Of course, the fun part is WEEK ONE!

Sioux City at West Chicago
Matunuck at Bolingbrook
Manila at Elk Grove
Joliet at Baghdad
Diablo at Capital City
Shorewood at Vegas
Walla Walla at Aruba

Boxscores for week 1 will be coming later.

Yow, Bill

PS - OK, OK, shit... by popular demand, here are the lineups for the first week. Like I said, I don't have boxscores yet, but here's the text file that defines the lineups for week 1. My software uses this (and to create the boxscores, but you should be able to figure out your stuff from this text file:

Week 1 lineup - text file