Week 4, a week in review

Bill Krieger... Mar 7, 1999

First, a trivia question: what is the first word of dialog uttered in the 4-star movie "Doom Generation"?

I know I ask for it, but it always shocks me when the NIBL ownership cartel expresses itself via the written word. For this week, check it out:

  • I have cut-and-pasted an article fom the AP wire that I think many of you may find interesting.
  • A contribution from Tim Herring, Joliet Durtybyrds... very disturbing.
  • A contribution fom Rob Reed, Bolingbrook BigHops... even more disturbing.

Also, for lineups and roster moves, please please please use

the new NIBL email address


Yow, Bill

PS - The first word of dialog in "Doom Generation", from the lovely lips of Rose McGowan... "Fuck."