Bill Krieger... Mar 18, 1999

Ahhh, rare mid-week notes...

View from the Top - In the last week of inter-conference games, the top two teams from each conference are playing each other.

  • West Chicago has put up its 300 and awaits Matunuck's answer.
  • Aruba and Joliet and slugging it out... both teams appear headed north of 300 points nad (nad? how about and) this one should go down to the wire.

View from the Bottom - Look out! Our two winless teams, Sioux City and Bolingbrook, have legitimate shots at winning this week. I know what you're saying... "Hey Bill, isn't Diablo 0-forever too?" No, I double-checked it myself, Diablo has won a game this year. Anyway...

  • Bolingbrook and Baghdad are down to their last man: BigHop Toni Kukoc versus Cross-Dresser Ron Mercer. Eric's 25 point no-lineup penalty could come back to haunt him.
  • It's still early, but everyone's favorite winless team, Sioux City, has a 30+ point lead over Elk Grove. Even worse news for the Cougs, C-Web has already played his two games... Dop!
  • Diablo has Allan Houston and Doug Christie (the great biege hope) left to close the 55 point Vegas lead. If Diablow Danny beats Vegas' 320 points, look for the earth to stop rotating.

Web Sites - I always like to share any web gems that I have found or heard about. Check out these web sites...

  • As some of you may know, there are two things that really get Bill Krieger going... pornography and stick figures. Check out All-Nude Teen Stick Figures
  • Speaking of stick figures, here's some cool stick figure animation Stick Death! If you like Howard Stern, click on "howard" for a good one.
  • I'm more into the stick figure thing, so this isn't my cup of tea, but if you're into 3-dimensional (pudgy, that is) girls and oral sex, then check out Fat, cheesy chicks who love oral with older, powerful men

I hate to bug the hell out of people, but how about some notes? I've asked Tony to contribute this week, but some spontaneous contributions would be welcome as well.

yow, bill

PS - Earplugs? I read a piece in Sunday's Trib on a little girlie from Danville, IL who is spending some time in a prison in Peru for drug trafficing... Oops. Anyway, the long sob story was a f'ing bore, but the interesting part was when the girl talked about her most prized possession in Peruvian prison.... her earplugs. Why earplugs? Well, it helped her keep the roaches out of her ears while she slept. Now, that's a YOW!