Upset of the Week... Thong lose by 2 points

Bolingbrook, IL... Mar 29, 1999

In a stunning week 7 upset, the Aruba Thongs lost a close battle to the combined Bolingbrook-Sioux City BiHop-Salsas squad, 355-353. The Eastern Conference powerhouse Thong was shocked last week in a last-second victory by the combined sqauds of the two previously winless teams.

"We were never really that worried," said Big Top owner Rob Reed. "I feel Aruba is over-rated. When we got that big 15 point game from Eric Dampier, I felt the tide really changed. Momentum swung in our favor."

The combined Bolingbrook-Sioux City squad was lead by Dampier's 2-game total of 25 NIBL points and Antoine Walker's score of 38 NIBL's for the week. Aruba could only manage 85 points apiece from Hakeem and the disgruntled Stephon Marbury.

When asked about rumors of turmoil and disarray on the Aruba team, Aruba owner Bill Krieger replied, "I don't know where these rumors start, but everything is fine. I mean, they did have ten guys to our five you know. It's not even a real NIBL game; we won our real game for the week against Matunuck. We're in first place, for Pete's sake."

"You could see the fear in his eyes," said Salsa owner Steve Tucker about the Thong leader. "Our combined 0-12 record really doesn't reflect the talent we have on these two teams. I feel that with a 10-5 player advantage we can compete with any team in the NIBL... except maybe West Chicago."

Bolingbrook owner Rob Reed was even more direct. "Aruba is a sham. I know it. You know it. And all the other NIBL owners know it. Everyone is just afraid to say it because Bill has control over the web page. Well, the page sucks in my opinion, so screw him."

"I don't know why Rob says these things, but we're really good friends," said owner Krieger, "He's married to my cousin for christ's sake. Since when is beating five guys with ten such an accomplishment... jeez"

In any case, it looks like a new NIBL rivalry has been created. "He said that. He said 'jeez' ," responded owner Reed. With that, Rob and Steve laughed and whispered between themselves. Finally, Steve Tucker added, "Whatever sour grapes Bill has, I think we're confident that we can beat the Thong 10 on 5 any week of the year. I don't care if it counts or not. What a punk."

Stay tuned. It sounds like this battle may continue for some time.

DisAssociated Press Wire