Trent's "Wish" and mine

Bill Krieger... Mar 29, 1999

For you West Chicago haters out there, this is a big week... it may be the Beater's last chance at a loss during the regular season. This week's premier matchup features the best of the West with Joliet visiting West Chicago.

Listen, there's a time for cold, rational analysis, and then there's a time for blatant rooting. GO JOLIET!!! Let's compare these two powerhouses:

  Joliet West Chicago
Record 6-1 7-0
Leading scorer Heat duo of Mourning & Hardaway Some punk
Playoffs Solid playoff team featuring Miami Heat stars Looking to gag in the playoffs... again
Biggest NIBL influence Bill Krieger Bill Krieger
Draft Strategy Study numerous publications, spreadsheet analysis Doodle on envelope, let Johnny Rai handle it
Motto "Best of the Best" "He must work out"
Hobbies Sports, reading <censored>

My prediction: Joliet 323, West Chicago 297. Go Byrds.

yow, bill

PS - Don't forget... the roster move deadline is four weeks before the end of the regular season: the end of week 9, April 10. That means that there are only two more weeks of roster moves.

PPS - Did you notice the "hot" boxscores? Click on the data and you get the NBA's boxscore for the game. Click on the NIBL or NBA team and you go to that page. Technology, yow!

PPPS - For your cultural advancement, here's some of NIN and Trent Reznor's song "Wish"...

This is the first day of my last days
I built it up, now I take it apart
Climbed up real high, now fall down real far
No need for me to stay
The last thing left I just threw it away
I put my faith in God and my trust in you
Now there's nothing more fucked up I can do
Wish there was something real
Wish there was something true
Wish there was something real
In this world full of you