Dewey Cheatem and Howe

Tony Georgi... April 19, 1999

Question of the week that Matunuck G.M. Dewey Cheatum is pondering: Who the hell is "The Rick"? Must be someone from Baghdad. Well we were sitting here enjoying the view from our Matunuck offices preparing for week 11 and liking our chances of positioning (not the missionary position, Joliet) for the playoffs after that great taste of salsa and guacamole was just wearing off. Well, I hear a knock on my door, and who is it but Dennis Rodman saying hey Dew,I think I can help you in your positioning.

Thinking that I in NO uncertain terms want to be in any position with Mr.(?) Rodman, I quickly refer him to our rivals the Crossdressers as he would probably be better "suited" in one of the Crossdressers uniforms, boa, high heels, glitter, y'all get the picture. Dennis left in a tizzy trying to shoot us the bird but missed that easy shot as well.

Well it is down to the end of the year and here we are with our team finallyhealthy, and ready to make a run... not a run in your hose WifeBeaters, but a run at the whole enchillada... salsa and all. Look out pretenders because we coulda been a contender.

Enclosed is our view from our 3 story high rise here in beautiful downtown Matunuck; that person you see walking on the beach must be that coach from Bollingbrook searching for that brown spot he lost... Well back to pondering....

Late, The Breakers......

Oh and can anyone tell me WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THE COLTS THINKING???? jeeeez

The view from Matunuck