Shorewood Shocker Squeegeeing the East

Bill Krieger... April 19, 1999

The Shorewood Scepters sent shockwaves through the Eastern Conference with their week 10 victory over the 2nd place Baghdad Cross-Dressers, 285-264. Shorewood was lead by NIBL-leading scorer Karl Malone with 81, but a Saturday night 41 nibls out of Mookie Blaylock sealed the Scepter victory. Baghdad had a balanced attack. The Cross-Dressers, however, can blame Ron Mercer's 6 points on Saturday night for their untimely demise.

Baghdad had enjoyed a 1-game lead over the pack in the competitive Eastern Conference until this setback. The loss dropped Baghdad into a second place tie with Vegas and Matunuck with identical 6-4 records. The race for second place is a tiebreaking nightmare, and we'll update the scene next week. This week is a load of fun (and smack talking) though as Matunuck plays at Baghdad and Aruba visits Vegas.

Cap City and reigning NIBL champs Manila lost in close games to Vegas and Aruba, respectively. The losses drop both teams to 5-5 and third place. While each team is mathematically alive, they're breathing only with the aid of life-support machines. Aruba has a hefty 3 game lead, but hasn't clinched yet. The Thong pulled out a close victory over their bitter rivals the DogEaters with an unlikely 49 points out of their sixth man Vitaly Potapenko.

West Chicago wins, and clinches the Western Conference title... for the second year in a row. I feel compelled to write something sarcastic about Don, but I'll give it a rest. (His playoff team does suck though)

Anyway, Joliet made it interesting. The Byrds eeked out a 4 point victory over the hapless Diablo Spawn who fell to a miserable 2-8 on the season. Fantasy mirrors reality as Grant Hill chokes out a 7 nibl performance because of a scratchy throat (I don't remember Michael taking nights off!) and the Diablo nightmare continues. Joliet has a 2 game lead over Elk Grove for the number two spot in the West, and they still have to play Elk Grove, so this one isn't over yet! I have to agree with the youthful genius owner of the Spawn when he says that Diablo "is the best 2-8 team in the NIBL." No doubt... they're the only 2-8 team as well.

Finally, I'll mention this game only because of the bitterness and sincere anger in this rivalry... Matunuck spotted Sioux City a hundred and still beat them. Shaq and Jason Kidd did their usual, but Matunuck also enjoyed 62 nibls out of the return of Jamaal Mashburn. Sioux City gets 17 from Donyell Marshall and 13 from JR Reid to take their beating and ask for more. "Three more damn weeks of hell," said Steve Tucker, owner of the Salsa (and the second pick in next year's draft). Look out for Matunuck as they have now won... oops... one in a row.

Color My World

We kicked in the color boxscores a couple weeks ago, and some people didn't catch on that their boxscores are now "done up" in their team colors. "What are my team colors?" you may ask. Well, I'll tell you:

Team Light color Dark color
Aruba aqua navy
Baghdad pink green
Bolingbrook white purple
Capital City silver black
Diablo black black
Elk Grove white blue
Joliet red black
Manila brown black
Matunuck white blue
Shorewood blue black
Sioux City red green
Vegas brown gray
Walla Walla green black
West Chicago red black

Now, if you're having second thoughts, you can change your team colors by emailing me. My personal favorite is the stunning pink and green of the ultra-fem Cross-Dressers... but that's just me.

yow, bill

PS - I love that word... squeegeeing. Yes, it's a word... squeegee(ing) - (vt) "to smooth, wipe, or treat with a squeegee"

PPS - Coming later this week... the list of players that haven't played yet!