C'mon Coach... Put Me In!

Bill Krieger... Apr 22, 1999

Here's the list of players that have yet to see NIBL action this season...

  Team Player
1 Baghdad H Workman (mil)
2 Bolingbrook D Davis (ind)
3 Bolingbrook D Harper (lal)
4 Diablo B Barry (chi)
5 Diablo C Mullin (ind)
6 Joliet B Sura (cle)
7 Matunuck R Seikaly (njn)
8 Shorewood L Longley (pho)
9 Shorewood J Wallace (tor)
10 Sioux City R Traylor (mil)
11 Vegas D Fortson (den)
12 Vegas A Johnson (sas)
13 Vegas S Mitchell (min)
14 Walla Walla L Hughes (phi)

The list of 14 players (I'm amazed again at the small number of players left) above must appear in a NIBL contest prior to the end of the season. If you don't put them in your lineup by the last week of the season, then we will add them and your opponent gets to pick who he replaces. If you doubt the list, then email me.

These guys haven't played, but I think they are injured or something, so you get a pass...

Team Player Huh?
Capital City L Ellis (atl) Out for the season; he's got a back
Joliet A Lang (chi) On IR; he's got a knee

yow, bill