Playoff Miscellany

Bill Krieger... May 6, 1999

Some playoff information, du jour...

Supplemental Playoff Draft

In the supplemental draft each playoff team will get to draft two players off the scrap heap, that is, players that aren't on any other team. The draft order will be: 1) Aruba, 2) West Chicago, 3) Elk Grove, 4) Cap City, 5) Cap City, 6) Elk Grove, 7) West Chicago, and 8) Aruba.

I have munged some of the NIBL software data to give playoffs teams some (hopefully) useful information on the players that are available to be drafted. These are players that are on an NBA playoff team, but not on any currently on and NIBL team.

First off, a disclaimer:

DISCLAIMER: I just threw these files together and they may be inaccurate...

you are responsible for your own double-checking!

How's that? Anyway, here are (I think) the players that are available in the playoff supplemental draft:

Available players (sorted by team)

Available players (sorted by nibls scored in the regular season)

I expect that the playoff draft will happen some time Friday night. I'll contact the playoff owners with the specific time/place.

Explaining the Playoffs

Do I have to explain how the playoffs work? Well, here's some of what I wrote last year...

The playoffs work a little differently than the NIBL regular season. For you lawyer-types, the complete playoff rules are listed in the NIBL Bylaws. For the rest of us, it's not all that hard.

  • Each NIBL playoff series consists of the scores from 3 NBA playoff games
  • Each NIBL playoff game corresponds to a NBA playoff game; the first game in the NIBL playoff series uses stats from the first game in the NBA playoffs series, and so on...
  • For each NIBL playoff game, each playoff team must submit a playoff lineup prior to any corresponding NBA playoff games.
  • If you don't have any lineup changes for games 2 or 3, you don't have to submit a lineup after game 1.
  • The winner of 2 or more of these playoff games is the winner of the series.

One last difference: I'm going to have to put in the boxscore game numbers for the playoffs by hand, so double-check the scores after they are published.

Get it? If you have any questions, email me.

yow, bill