Conference Champs Roll in Game 1

Bill Krieger... May 10, 1999

West Chicago and Aruba rocked through the regular season, and the music played on in game 1 of the playoffs... both the favorite cruised to victory.

The WifeBeater easily beat Elk Grove 134- 107. Elk Grove sensed trouble after franchise player Chris Webber was outscore by West Chicago scrubs Grant Long and Greg Ostertag. Alan Iverson scored a nifty 44 nibls and West Chicago wins.

The East was quite a bit more interesting. The Thongs balanced attack saw four players with 30 or more points. Normally, this would just about cinch a playoff win, but big games from Tool players Penny Hardaway and Glenn Rice made it a contest. Tool star player Tom "Googs" Gugliotta nibl'd 27 points, and he may have to step it up a bit to get the Tool even in game 2.

yow, bill

PS - Did the level of play in the NBA playoffs seem quite a bit lower than in the past? I mean even the stars kind of blew. Alan Iverson seems unable to shoot 40%... Penny Hardaway hasn't played in the 4th quarter all season... and Scottie Pippen said "thanks" to Houston for all the dough and then "your welcome" to the Laker for handing them the game. One of the few gutty performances I saw all weekend was by Milwaukee's Sam Cassell who, coming off season-long injuries, led the team and got in the face of every Pacer on the floor. Of course, that doesn't change reality now does it... Pacer in 3.