Not so fast, Bucky

AP Newswire... May 12, 1999

May 11... It was the night of the underdogs as Cap City and Elk Grove each evened up their series at one apiece. All the talk of a Thong/Beater final was premature, and you have to wonder whether overconfidence may have crept in at Aruba and West Chicago.

Tool hammer Thong

From a local watering hole in Aruba, Thong owner Bill Krieger was interviewed prior to last night's NBA action. "This beer has more of a chance that Cap City," said the enigmatic young owner, glugging as he speaks. "I more blurried, than worried... ha ha ha." Alone and slumped over at the bar, Mr. Krieger could not be found (or awakened) after the shocking Thong loss, 126-117.

The Tool was led by Penny Hardaway's 35 nibl performance and a steady 20+ nibls from every other player. The Thong's "Houston Rocket experiment" seems to be blowing up as Scottie and Hakeem went down in flames. The Houston duo were Aruba's worst performers at only 15 and 20 nibls.

Aruba seems to have its fate in its own hands... Scottie and Hakeem play, Thong win. Scottie and Hakeem stink, Thong lose.

Cougar maul the WifeBeater

The Elk Grove franchise has been revitalized this year as elder statesman Moz Krieger has been kicked up to the front office and upstart Mark Krieger has taken over player personnel decisions for the club. "I like Moz, but it was time... well, way past time actually."

The young Mr. Krieger has been struggling under the effects of the flu, but was asked before the game of his chances against the West Chicago dynamo. "I think if we can outscore the WifeBeaters, we'll win." And that's just what happened, Elk Grove 92, West Chicago 75.

Just as it appeared West Chicago would ride the Alan Iverson pony to the finish line, he stumbled with only 20 nibls. Even worse, that was still the best scoring player for West Chicago. Cougar star Chris Webber was high man at 35 nibls and one knockout of a tired old loser punk of a point guard from Gonzaga (wherever that is).

If game 3 goes according to script, it will be C-Web against Iverson again... winner goes to the finals, loser goes home.