As It Should Be

Bill Krieger... May 21, 1999

Well, the NIBL title will come down to one, last game... as it should be. That is the kind of season it has been. The quickie marts of West Chicago poured many a celebratory squishie as West Chicago rocked Aruba in game two 99-78.

Game two seemed like it was the polar opposite of game one. The Thong took game one 98-87. The WifeBeaters rallied to take game two 99-78. Go:

  • For the Beaters, Alan Iverson rocked game one with 47 nibls... and was off in game two with on 29
  • The rest of the Beaters scored only 40 in game one... and bounced back to rack up 70 in game two
  • The Thong's main man in the playoffs Brian Grant was steady, as usual, with 35 nibls
  • The rest of the Thong that tallied 70 in game one... and collapsed and only scored 43 nibls in game two

Both these teams are here because they have already survived a game 3 in the conference championship. The Beater's counted on Alan Iverson to vault them into the finals; he grabbed 55 nibl to slap upstart Elk Grove. The Thong pulled Scottie Pippen out of a hat for 56 nibls to beat Cap City, but Scottie's obviously not around any more.

Here's the NIBL Championship series stats, with two games under our belts:

West Chicago WifeBeaters
A Iverson, phi 76
G Long, atl 32
S Elliott, sas 25
G Ostertag, uth 23
S Anderson, uth 16
J Jackson, sas 8
M Camby, nyk 6
Team Total 186
Aruba Thongs
B Grant, por 63
B Russell, uth 48
D Fisher, lal 32
G Anthony, por 21
S Perkins, ind 12
Team Total 176

For your information, here's what says the lineup is for NBA game three's...

  • Pacer at the Sixer - Friday 5/21 at 7:00 pm
  • Jazz at the Blazer - Saturday 5/22 at 2:00 pm
  • Spur at the Laker - Saturday 5/22 at 4:30 pm
  • Hawk at the Knick - Sunday 5/23 at 2:00 pm

Yup, it's all tied up, and we'll have a new NIBL champ by Sunday afternoon.

yow, bill

PS - I want to thank all of you who sent me e-cards an e-letters regarding those busters, the Utah Jazz... I'd like to respond briefly to one letter, if I might. To Little Timmy in Bangor, Maine... no, Timmy, I don't think Utah can fall into the Pacific Ocean because it doesn't border the ocean. However, Utah may be able to sink into the Salt Lake? I'll look into it some more.

PPS - Go Blazer!