Man versus Virus

Nov 5, 1999... Bill Krieger

NIBL 2K has begun! Thanks to all who visited the Kauai King last Saturday for the draft. It was great fun... and then I lapsed into a coma. Well, sort of... read on!

So, the bad news... I have been pretty sick (and busy) since the draft (is it me or my team?) and I won't be able to get a lot of the NIBL site rolling until next week. This includes the software that does boxscores. Sorry, dudes.

Second, I guess the good news... I have posted the schedule and team info. Click on the links above (by the beautiful and lovely Rose McGowan).

Please Please Please

Double-check your team's schedule for me!

Report any anomolies to me ASAP. You can also see my notes (on the "schedule" page) on how the schedule was built.

Here's week 2:

Aruba at Vegas
Shackopee at Napa Valley
Capital City at Cancun
Manila at Four Lakes
West Chicago at Shorewood
Walla Walla at Diablo
Santa Fe at Joliet
bye: Elk Grove

yow, bill

PS - Don't forget that lineups are due by Sunday at noon. Email them to your opponent and the commish.

PPS - I love our three newbies (especially Denise, no not Manila Denise), but I felt bad for Bill Sullivan getting the bad lock of the draw and having a bye on his first week. Well, Four Lakes, I and the rest of the Eastern Conference invite you to take out your frustration on these nasty DogEaters. Enjoy!