Echoes of the Past

Nov 17, 1999... Bill Krieger

You may recall this guy...

Yes, it's Young Bill Krieger presenting the Michael Jordan award to our ever-humble Don Fenton, owner of the West Chicago WifeBeaters. Good for you Don!

Then, Don, flush with excitement and woozy from the camera flash, took Vancouver Grizzlies in the first and third rounds of the draft. Huh?

Here's the first set of transactions:

  • Vegas waives C Cheaney, Was and acquires A Griffin, Bos

  • Diablo waives D Majerle, Mia and acquires V Maxwell, Sea

  • West Chicago waives C Ward, Nyk and acquires M Jordan, free agent

I love Don Fenton.

Next set of moves are due in by Friday midnight. I'm thinking of acquiring Michael's cleaning lady.

Also, please note the new link up at the top "Player Stuff". This page is a potpourri of player-related info including all transactions, the master list of NBA players, and NIBL draft info. Wow, fun!

You know that I live for accuracy, so here are two corrections.

First, I apologize to the Shakopee franchise for the spelling error that caused their name to originally appear on this site as "Shack-of-pee". I hope I don't get sued.

Second, and continuing with the mis-spelling theme, the owner of the Cancun Cleavage is Denise Klisz, not "Denise Kusz" as originally reported here. Again, I hope this does not result in any litigation... as funny as it was.

I completely missed week 1... fortunate given the results in Aruba. Let's look at some extremes that poke out after two weeks of play:

  • Scoring is up, up, up... Shit, Cap City is averaging 320+ nibls a game and their still only 1-1.

  • Well, the meter is running Vegas and Diablo... our two 0-2 teams. Vegas (and Shorewood) really was hurt by the 1-game week for Sacramento, but Diablo's excuse? Oh yeah, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe... whatever.

  • And, of course, we have the undefeated... Aruba and West Chicago. Oops.

  • And, of course, we have the really undefeated... Napa Valley, Manila, and Walla Walla. Napa has the malcontent backcourt of Van Exel and Marbury, both who never learned to share and are averaging like 25 shots a game. Manila may win by just starting Kevin Garnett... well as long as he plays Sacramento two games a week. And Walla, well, the Bailey boys haven't cracked 300 yet, so we'll see how that plays long-term.

  • Finally, NIBL condolences to newbie Four Lakes. First "the other Bill" gets a week one bye and then those nasty DogEaters lay a one point loss on him. We should have warned him; Denise never plays fair!


yow, bill

PS - By the way, click on Don to visit his favorite web site... well, other than the NIBL site.