"The Bottom"

Dec 10, 1999... Bill Krieger

Well, before I define "The Bottom", a little commish cleanup:

  • No, Four Lakes doesn't play two games next week... there was a little data entry error evident in next week's schedule that I have corrected. Thanks Don Fenton!

  • Little Danny Bruessel, head man at the hapless Diablo Spawn, had a little communication snafu last week. Anyway, Danny drops B Davis, Cha and acquires J Williams, Det. (and I thought Sean Elliott was a goofy pickup?)

  • I haven't gotten any negativity to the change on late lineups, so it goes in place next week.

Anyway, I grabbed my Webster's off the shelf and looked up the definition of the phrase "the bottom". Other than the picture of me crying and holding my head in my hands, here's what the dictionary had to say:

the bottom (da botum) n. - losing back-to-back games in the NIBL to Denise (Manila) and Denise (Cancun) by fifty points or more <Bill is bouncing off "the bottom">

Well, since Denise #1 (Manila) only beat me by 46, then I guess I'll have to actually hit "the bottom" the next time I play these two nasty NIBL wenches. Dang.

Just remember this foul fantasy women:



I know I'm a damn whiner, but cut me a little slack... Going into this year, my regular season NIBL record was 30-4. This year I'm 2-4... maybe I'll go on a 28 game winning streak to catch up! Not with Anthony Mason, Ty Hill, David Wesley, and Steve Smith. Shit, even Keith Van Horne sucks because that flipping Marbury won't throw him the ball. Ugh. Let me get out of this despair with a little uplifting quote of the day.

Quote of the Day

"85% of the fucking world is working...

the rest are coming out here."

- Lee Elia as manager of the Chicago Cubs in the early 80's

yow, bill

PS - I don't know... maybe I was wrong. I think "the bottom" was the Thanksgiving day conversation I overheard between the two Denises discussing why two girls are dominating the NIBL this year. C'mon manly men! I refuse to be ridiculed at the placque shop again ("What, a girl won your basketball league?") having the NIBL placque engrqaved.